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  1. tigerstrom

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I like that fit @beautiful_FrEaK
  2. Another month, another wash! The fabric on these jeans are crazy and I think it will evolve nice with monthly washes.
  3. tigerstrom


    Don't overthink it, just wash them in the machine at 40°C and you are good to go!
  4. tigerstrom

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thanks @beautiful_FrEaK If I buy a pair 36 would be the way to go!
  5. tigerstrom

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Every till be I see a video with Hayashi-san fit a pair of Resolute for a customer I want a pair of 710s. Maybe I can try my luck with a pair in size 36 sometime. @beautiful_FrEaK how do the fir compare to gbg001? Are the 710s slimmer at the hips?
  6. tigerstrom

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I don't like some of the hashtags people use when they do some stupid poses #dointheende etc. And why do all people who meet Swissjeansfreak need to carry him and take a photo? Many denim related accounts post really weird things.
  7. Another wash (third wash) and more crinkles The color is most accurate on the second and third picture.
  8. Thinking of wash my pair again today or tomorrow. I washed my ooe contest pair once a month and they became really nice after 18 months.
  9. tigerstrom

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    gbg manufaktur tcb the rite stuff gbg001 red wing 8061
  10. tigerstrom

    Studio D'artisan

    The pocketbags are so nice! Love the "pigflowers"
  11. tigerstrom

    Shoes that look better with age...

    When you clean out your closet and find a pair of Red Wing 9014 that you forgot you had lol. Must have bought them around 9 years ago. Should I be worried? Dementia?
  12. tigerstrom

    Pure Blue Japan

    Very good interview @japanalogue Makes me want try a pair of PBJ...damn you
  13. tigerstrom

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    This is from a pair of 501xx from around 1966. I guess that the shape of the arcurate varies a bit depending of who have sewn them. Taken from the book 501xx a collection of vintage jeans.
  14. tigerstrom


  15. This weekend I was in Gothenburg for my best friends wedding. Didn't have a lot of time to visit stores and so but we managed to grab a cup of coffee at Da Matteo before the wedding started. The gbg001 are so nice and already shows some signs of wear.
  16. Just washed my pair and denim gets so nice after they have dried! But if they continue to shrink I will need to start a diet
  17. tigerstrom

    Watches and Denim

    I wanted something smaller to wear at work so I got this Orient Bambino V5. Pretty ok quality and real cheap.
  18. I really need to wash my pair again, I love the crinkles
  19. Thanks guys! I have an appointment at the doctors again this week and I hope they have some positive news!
  20. Hi guys! I've been absent for a couple of weeks because of hospital visits. I have some problems with one of my eyes which the doctors can't seem to solve :/ The jeans are amazing but I have nowhere near the roping as @beautiful_FrEaK I will wash them in a couple of days and will try to update with more pictures!
  21. My pair was back at raw waist after a couple of days. I have only wanted them once tho @d-rew12
  22. Did they shrink more after the 60c wash? @maharu