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  1. Someone here who got the Dawson deck pants?
  2. I would sell them. You got many pairs that I think fits you better
  3. I always soak or wash OW items before wearing them. My one wash Sugarcane Okinawa had a lot more shrinkage left after a second wash.
  4. TCB

    Thanks guys! My 50s is shortened a bit so I think the 30s will work out length wise. I will check the measurments again and compare them to my jacket!
  5. TCB

    I have the type 2 in size 40 so I guess that's the size I'm going to order but I sometimes think it's a bit tight to have layers under. I don't have the funds right now so I will wait a couple of months but I will consider a size 42.
  6. TCB

    The 30s jacket looks nice! I was interested in the 50s slim but the rise is so low. Edit: How do you measure the length of a jacket? From top of collar and all the way down?
  7. My pair after 12 or 13 washes
  8. I have the same problem haha. I can button them up but they are tight. We need to start a diet thread/contest..
  9. I really love my 2000 no1 tiger selvage but they are too small for me now.. I will probably order a pair again in the future but in size 35.
  10. TCB

    Great fit mate!
  11. I don't think a 5 minute soak gets all the shrinkage out of them. I would wash them but that's just me
  12. TCB

    Lol ^ TCB is a repro brand and most of their cuts are based on 50s and 60s jeans. As volvo said tcb orange superslims or 505 is your best bet. Personally I love that sufu isn't the same like 10 years ago when everyone sized down one or two sizes to much
  13. I just got baby puke on my pair so I will throw them in the wash again soon! I will try to snap better pictures then!
  14. TCB

    My measurments of a size 42 is. Washed a couple of times . Shoulder 47cm (18.5") P2P 57cm (22.4") Sleeves 63cm (24.8") Rear length 76cm (from top of collar) (29.9")