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  1. Amazing! @chicote
  2. I've had some shit happening in my life the last couple of days so I'm not able to join the contest after all. I'm so gutted but I can't afford it right now. Sorry @volvo240thebest for the inconvenience.
  3. TCB

    @Max Power Yeah, the ooes got in the way haha. I really loved the fit and fabric of the 505s but they didn't get any evo and now I've become too fat to wear them I'm looking forward to see your pair after a couple of months!
  4. TCB

    That fit is so good! @sk8eddie
  5. Thanks!
  6. How do you measure the natural waist?
  7. Knickerbocker x Heddels Fleur de Bagne Dawson denim Novesta
  8. The waist is really small for a size 32? But this was just a prototype if I understood correctly.
  9. There's even more pictures on his blog!
  10. I think the fit is spot on!
  11. I really like the deck pants! Perfect for the summer. I think I uploaded this pic before but I needed to find a new image host so I uploaded it again.
  12. Do somebody know when levis started using chainstitched hems?
  13. Those measurements would interest me too! ^
  14. I was looking at the standard fit yesterday when I visited Le Shop Sage in Malmö. They are really beautiful! Looking forward to see some pictures when you get them!