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  1. I was looking at the standard fit yesterday when I visited Le Shop Sage in Malmö. They are really beautiful! Looking forward to see some pictures when you get them!
  2. I like it!
  3. Yeah let's go with a size 34 and inseam 82cm!
  4. Ok! Im in! with suspenderbuttons I´ve not decided size yet but I want them to end up a bit over 34" in waist after wash and stretch. I plan to wash and tumble dry them. So maybe a 34? And Volvo, I promise you pics of vintage volvos! My girlfriends father is a volvo entusiast with a couple of older models like PV444 and PV544.
  5. Yeah she is 7 months today actually! Thank you!
  6. Cool! Yeah before our girl came I wouldn't hesitate but now I need to plan my denim related shopping a bit more Personally I would order with the buttons just to get that 20-30s look. That also gives me the opportunity to maybe try some suspenders!
  7. Haha that was the purpose, to keep you on the edge for a while I have to wait a week or two before I can confirm!
  8. I'm starting to get interested in joining this!
  9. TCB

  10. I have no experience with pbj but I always wash my jeans in the machine to get maximum shrinkage out of them. Sometimes it takes more than one wash. I usually wash them at 40°C inside out.
  11. I have a front loader and no problems. I've always thought that the front loader is much more gentle than a top loader..
  12. Lady white Dawson deck pants Novesta x Universal Works
  13. TCB

    I'm impressed that they have faded that much in 5 days!
  14. I got my Deck Pants a couple of days ago! Really nice craftsmanship and fabric. I could have sized down one size but I don't think it would have changed the fit that much. They are a lot wider than I'm used to but it will be nice now when the summer comes! Will try to get some better fit pics in a couple of days!
  15. TCB

    I had the type 3 a couple of years ago and the arms are pretty slim, a lot slimmer than the original levis type 3 I've tried.