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WAYWT (denim version) 2016


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the mullet grows free and luxuriant, absolutely excellent Chicote! great fit too but sorry the mullet steals the show.





old and ragged Fair Isle jumper

no name N1 repro


down below (not vis) TCB 50's and RW IR

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Nothing wrong with tapering - clothes should fit the man, not the other way round :)


Even if one might be a reproduction geek, I would have imagined the miners and the cowboys way back when would have modified their pants if presented with the resources to do so.

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The difficulty with winter weather is that I end up with, like, three variations on the same outfit.




Visvim / Rocky Mountain Featherbed / Decolonize / Freewheelers / Truman (no vis, haha!)

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Well, from a desire for simplicity, it's great. At the same time, there's a desire to want to dress to your mood, or your environment, that's not necessarily achievable when forced to choose between some combination of 3 winter coats, 2 toques and one pair of boots. I suppose—and perhaps this should carry over into the discussion thread if people feel the need to respond to it—that winter outfits are limiting in the same way that subscribing to a particular style or trend is limiting. You can own ten checked flannels and three pairs of brown work boots and swap between them as much as you'd like, but I would argue that what you end up with is a large number of essentially similar outfits. Unlike dressing for warmer weather, where you're afforded a great diversity of fabric types, weights and patterns, going out in winter (especially in snow) limits you, particularly when choosing from among the styles and brands of this forum, to a relatively small selection of fabrics and colors. So, in short, I do find it sort of a bad thing, but that's in large part because I value diversity in fashion as a means of self-expression.

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