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  1. okisan

    Full Count Denim Thread

    They look so generic now. If i had money i'd be buying old stock where possible..
  2. okisan

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    @i-denim Alot of folks around my part of the world wear them. They're actually pretty decent in person and have turned my head more than a few times. Most of their range is very reminiscent of basic Adidas and New Balance, which isn't a bad thing.
  3. okisan

    Ande Whall Denim

    Hey Ande - welcome back!
  4. okisan

    Burgus Plus by Hinoya

    Burgus jeans usually run an inch larger than tagged. So a 30 will measure a 31 - with waist pulled straight & flat. The 770 is great fabric too, good character to it.
  5. okisan

    Ande Whall Denim

    If anyone has one of those Wolf jackets in a Small they're happy to part with, feel free to msg me. Always regretted not buying one.