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  1. Thanks @Geeman It's definitely been a while between posts.. I haven't really worn much denim for a while, mostly because of where i live which is sub tropical (i'm not in Sydney anymore), but it's starting to get cooler here so i dug my Grizzly jacket out recently and have been giving it some wear - which then led to going on an Ande themed memory lane trip and discovering those Cobra's on eBay. I've still got a pair of Cobra's from Ande's farewell run which have had very sporadic wear. I just need somebody to part with a Wolf jacket now... A quick google and i found this: https://www.heddels.com/2013/05/ande-whall-new-special-roll-5-sr5-raw-denim-just-released/
  2. Long time no post... So on the topic of those Ukrainian Ande's on eBay, like everybody else i suspected the seller's measurements were off and did my own calculations. I took a (semi) drunken punt and low balled an offer which was accepted. I can happily report the inseam is a 30" not a 26", and as such fit me perfectly. The jeans themselves i'd say have probably only seen a months wear perhaps? Not even that....The only thing the seller neglected to mention was that this was the rainbow nep edition that Ande did, but it's fairly subtle & i actually kind of like it. Feels like a 13oz. Pretty stoked with them to be honest...
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