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  1. I share this sentiment.
  2. Yeah I've picked up a few iron heart item from rodeo bros in the past because in my opinion the quality is "worth" the rakuten price, not the western price with these latest increases. I'm hesitant to say $345 for a flannel is crazy, because some would say $100 for a flannel is crazy. Ive dealt with IHUk before too and it their customer service is amazing, but I gotta say, if the western pricing is the new normal cost of entry for iron heart goods, I'll have to pass on any future purchases from the brand.
  3. If I was out in the field I'd be all over a dope pair from whites or wesco or something, but alas I am a desk jockey and I'd feel kinda silly sitting in a cubicle all day in knee high boots.
  4. Weird that they allow the jeans to be pretty beat up as well... as long as they're slim.
  5. I work for the forest service and there is a large amount of people actually wearing whites smokejumpers and the like. I hear that during fire season they are in such high demand that they can't keep up too well.
  6. Do you just enter the code in the requirements section? I can't seem to find a remarks area.
  7. ^my 0901 doesn't have a whole lot of stretch in the waist. I'd say one waist size is pretty accurate.
  8. Ah this does help tremendously! Thank you for that. That's actually okay that it may be a stock denim or otherwise, as I already have a pair with banner denim. I got them for what I'd consider a good deal. Here's to hoping this denim shrinks as much or close to what banner denim does.
  9. Guys I need help with some info on a 1001xx 1000 with a genus red tab and a shorthorn paper patch. Just picked up a pair on the bay straight from Japan and I can't find much info on whether these are newer or pre-lawsuit. I'll try to get some pics up at lunch. Edit: photos added. Sorry if they're enormous, first time I've used the ew photo upload
  10. ^Appreciate this. Any experience with regular machine washing/drying the chinos? Thinking about sizing sizing up a bit to keep the fit more relaxed. Wondering how much max shrink I could get out of them.
  11. I got a lot of respect for these two brands being able to (relatively) hold shit together through their respective surges in popularity. I remember just in 2012 Ajchen was the one responding to all the inquiry emails and they had one denim, two fits, and like no shirts. Those dudes have almost 90k followers on instagram these days and have put who knows how many people to work. I gotta give respect to Karl and Leslie at RgT too. They consistently put out products that they're passionate about, even if it's not everyone's cup of tea. Just seeing what happens to ill-prepared businesses when the stakes are high can be ugly( lawless, countless others both denim and non denim related in the regular world) Sorry if that's off-topic, just wanted to speak some praise to their character rather than just their products.
  12. That's why iron heart costs so much. But I'm not about to pay that much for a shirt.
  13. @Cold Summer Berkeley has a full stock of sizes it looks like.
  14. Yeah I hear ya, their prices have slowly been creeping higher in the last 3-4 years too.
  15. @Cold Summer This is a sentiment I've been having lately in many ways as well. I'm kind of come full circle back to the American brands. I've just gotten over jeans that cost too much for the headache associated with the unsanforized guessing game, cotton threads breaking, and just clothes that really weren't designed for western frames. I was never really into repro much anyway, and it may have been lack of functionality that was part of the reason. I have a couple Rogue territory supply jackets and find they're just fine for me. Just picked up the ranger jacket in pine, and dammit if that thing isn't an awesome jacket.