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  1. Sugar Cane Denim

    Max, you may want to look into the 2014. Pretty similar everywhere to the 2009 except more taper below the knee. I love my pair which I’m just starting to break in. Decent stretch, not as much as full count though.
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I think Roy just found a few pairs in that size he had laying around.
  3. Orslow

    After scouring all the western retail shops online and all over rakuten, I finally found a pair of selvedge black 107’s at Arknets. Anyone ever use them? They have a pretty awesome selection of orslow and other brands as well. They already shipped my order too!
  4. Orslow

    I got a pair of the slim fatigues recently and can also confirm that they’re pretty great. Weight is very versatile, too. I was expecting them to be heavier actually.
  5. Orslow

    Does anyone have a pair of the black 107’s? Recently got a pair of indigo 107’s and they are quite possibly my favorite fitting jeans.
  6. The Flat Head

    Is it weird that I’m hesitant to rock a shirt with a plethora of native motifs for fear of cultural appropriation? I really like this shirt but I fear I might catch some shit for wearing it in this day and age as a heteronormative white male.
  7. The Flat Head

    Native print workshirt https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/2nd/item/fh-co-35w-bk/ Its been sold out for awhile and thus I’m a bit skeptical.
  8. The Flat Head

    On another note, does anyone know what 2nd means by “previous preorders”? I think I’ve seen it discussed here before, but I’ve seen a lot of flat head items with that title and I just want to make sure they’re actually available and in stock or if it’s just a preorder.
  9. The Flat Head

    I remember an interview with William Gibson where he said he avoids talking to people about price of the brands he likes like buzz and iron heart, because people get weird about price.
  10. Full Count Denim Thread

    Here’s a spring update on my 1101’s. These were worn often all winter and had several spills, washes, and utter disregard. Got engaged in these jeans, been on countless vacations, whale watching, all kinds of shit. I suppose I treated them how jeans were meant to be treated. I believe my last update was October, 2017. I hope you all don’t mind the photo dump.
  11. The Flat Head

    Honestly if they were that “fashion forward” they would be in the know about rocking fuller fits.
  12. Orslow

    Rise is a bit lower than I thought it’d be. In any case, I appreciate it!
  13. Orslow

    Anyone have BiG measurements for a pair of 107 in size 2?
  14. Orslow

    You’ll get it one day; most of the slubbiness or details that you think makes a pair of jeans unique, is actually what is mainstream in the world of raw denim. There’s a reason most of the seasoned veterans don’t gravitate towards crazy colored denims or extreme heavy weight denim, or slubs like a Persian rug. These are the things that make the average person stop and say, “Well that’s a really different pair of jeans”. This stuff gets gimmicky after awhile and that’s when you start seeing and appreciating the subtleties.