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  1. The Flat Head

    Looks to me like abrasion from that pocket corner. I get those if I don't get enough starch out of a pair when new, and/or don't wash frequently enough. It depends on the denim of course, some stuff like full count seems too soft right off the bat for abrasion like that to occur. They don't use very much starch either.
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    So... this isn't the last of Roy's unsanforized cone, correct? I mean even with otherworldly shrinkage these may still be a bit big for my tastes. I know Roy's sentiment on fit, but I just don't think I can jive with this run.
  3. Sugar Cane Denim

    ^What sizes did both of you get? I did a size 31 and I'm pretty sure after a bit of wear the thigh is about 12.5" measured BiG style.
  4. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Aren't those fit pics from a different run, before the peanut pants? I feel like those were from rs00 or something.
  5. Warehouse

    @propellerbeanie I don't know how I missed that. Thanks for the ID.
  6. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I'm not sure if this has been talked about recently or not, but I've noticed that it seems like the large majority of the mills, sew factories, etc in japan are an older workforce. Is there much interest in these things from the younger generations in Japan? Aside from ooe yofokuten and some others? Where do you guys see the Japanese denim industry is 10-20 years with a shrinking(or maybe not?) workforce of this kind of skilled labor?
  7. Warehouse

    Warehouse recently posted this on their insta...Anyone have info on this brown type 2? Has this thing been extinct for a while?
  8. The Flat Head

    Yeah I can confirm this as well. If there is one factor (aside from jp price going up) that keeps from from another pair of flat head's, it's the small pockets and the flimsy material. You may look into eternal. Many people say the denim is similar to pioneer denim, although I'd claim eternal's has more variation. The 811 was one of the only pairs I've had where the pockets were noticeably larger and usable. I hear UES has great pockets too.
  9. Sugar Cane Denim

    I picked up a size 31 and it fits markedly slimmer than my 41470 of the same size, so was thinking I should size up to 32. If they have that much stretch then maybe I should stick it out.
  10. Sugar Cane Denim

    Anyone know how much shrinkage I could get from a one wash pair of 2014 if I really blasted them in a hot wash and machine dry?
  11. Sugar Cane Denim

    Pants shop avenue usually has unwashed pairs, even in the rare or special runs. I don't remember seeing an unwashed black pair, though.
  12. The Flight Jacket Thread

    ^Thats a hell of a score. Im thinking of pulling the trigger on a WGxBR L-2b this spring; it looks like there only exists regular fit versions, correct? The slim MA-1 would fit me better, but I think the l-2b is more wearable.
  13. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Dope dyed bags?? That's intriguing
  14. Sugar Cane Denim

    Thanks chicote. That's what I thought. My 470 is one of the best pairs I've ever had in terms of fit and details. Now I have to decide between the 2014 and a WH 800.
  15. Sugar Cane Denim

    Anyone own both the black 470 and the 2014? Seems like the cut is pretty identical; just wondering if someone who owns both could confirm.