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  1. I've always wanted to visit the northern Italian countryside. Hopefully soon!
  2. The landscapes in your shots always looks so great Volvo. What part of Italy if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Looks great foxy. My biggest gripe about repro styled shirts is how high up the gusset is on the sides. Anyone know the point of that? I have a pretty tall torso and that part always comes untucked or exposes my sides.
  4. Been eyeing that gingham and another one SC has now too. How's the fit foxy? Pretty much repro style?
  5. I'd say the bulk of it would be out but you might have some residual shrinkage if you inevitably machine wash. In my experience aggressive hand washing still isn't as effective as machine washing and the pioneer denim takes a whole lot to finally settle.
  6. Anyone know any shops that carry the old glory chinos other than son of a stag, preferably rakuten? I'm in the US and would rather not get hosed on the conversion rate.
  7. I've been struggling with this as well. I recently picked up the 3sixteen chinos from someone on grailed for a substantial discount. The fabric is really nice and hefty at 12oz left hand twill. The pocket bag material is the same sturdy twill found on their newer jeans. I really like the fit too. All that being said, I'm not sure they'd be "worth" the full msrp price, especially because it's something I'll rotate and thus wont get as much wear as a pair of denim. Still, they're much better construction and fabric wise than most of the chinos I've handled from the other similar American brands.
  8. ^Some people seem to have gotten some additional shrinkage in length but I didn't. Maybe a tiny bit but it was negligible. My washer is pretty aggressive too. I did however get a little bit of shrink in the thighs, knees etc. Again, pretty minimal though.
  9. Does anyone remember a certain poster by the name of indigoqueen from a few years back?
  10. Haha I still have a pair of barracudas, though they started raw. What I took from the article is that increasingly, public opinion can spread and become viral these days more than ever.
  11. I'll just leave this here
  12. Thank you both. My issues with my 1101 are the saggy ass and back pockets. Sounds like the 800 might be what I'm looking for.
  13. Thanks B_F. Do they both fit pretty similar below the thigh? I wear a 31 in the 1101 and I'd be looking to go for the 32 in the 800
  14. ^Not quite. Mister Freedom is a Toyo brand. And Toyo doesn't exclusively manufacture in Japan. They also utilize USA and I believe Chinese sew houses as well. This includes Sugar Cane items as well. Edit: I should mention Toyo isn't utilizing factories outside of Japan for Mister Freedom unless the collection and direction dictates.
  15. For any of you that own an 800 and might also happen to have the fc 1101, how do the cuts compare? They seem pretty similar on paper.