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  1. SuperJackle

    New Contest Suggestions

    What if we did a specific brand, I.e warehouse, and if one has a pair lying around then go that route, if not purchase one?
  2. SuperJackle

    New Contest Suggestions

    As I’m all for using pre-existing deadstock pairs; I do see an issue regarding interest with a multitude of fits and brands. Similar to the DWC, it seems a lack of continuity will prevail unless we all get excited about something new/special, and come to a consensus on what that might be. Could be wrong though.
  3. SuperJackle

    New Contest Suggestions

    I second Maynard’s idea. I have a pair of warehouse 1105 locked and loaded...
  4. SuperJackle

    New Contest Suggestions

    I’d be in for Tender or WH.
  5. SuperJackle

    Black jeans lovers!!!

    Has anyone compiled a list lately of currently available black denim? so far that comes to mind: sugarcane - type 3 black left field - atlas, greaser, chelsea rogue territory - stealth Stanton, standard issue, SK 3sixteen - black CT, ST, SL momotaro x blue owl - natural taper, high tapered, slim tapered iron heart 634, PBJ samurai trophy railcar Dawson stevenson - big sur, 727 joe McCoy - 991BK Japan Blue Red Tail Gangsterville Big John levi's Freenote Cloth - Portola black indigofera orslow 107 Black oni edited: added the below contributions but haven’t yet researched all exact models of black denim
  6. SuperJackle

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Does anyone feel like no one brand completely answers what you’re looking for? My ideal is this: the catalogue(shirts, jeans, jackets) of Sugarcane/Buzz Rickson, the stitching and thread (cotton wrapped poly) of Stevenson, SDA’s experimental humor, Flathead’s “don’t need it until you see it” excess, Iron Heart’s western friendly patterns, the denim and fabrics of Warehouse, the modern playfulness of Orslow, and for god sakes, and maybe I’m alone here...a legit type 3 or 2 (unsanforized, interesting denim, good thread) with handwarmer pockets that measures longer than 24” in length. Same for loopwheel.
  7. SuperJackle

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hey @beautiful_FrEaK, looks like totem brand totally stole part of your write up to use as their product description... https://totembrandco.com/products/resolute-710-slim-straight-one-wash-denim-31-inch-inseam?variant=15733119287405
  8. SuperJackle

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Anyone planning on attending the standard and strange Santa Fe party next Saturday? Would be nice to meet some of you folks.
  9. SuperJackle

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Those prices though! Holy hell.
  10. SuperJackle

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    @Maynard Friedman I’ve specifically been looking at one of the newer buzz sweats in oatmeal, but I remember you mentioning a few years back that they were quite boxy and that you favored deluxewear, yeah? Measurements would be much appreciated. @julian-wolf yes please, if you could measure.
  11. SuperJackle

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    Anybody know any loopwheel sweats that are cut a bit longer, ie a Japanese size L that is closer to 27” length after washing/drying?
  12. SuperJackle

    Tanuki Japan

    Sorry if this has been answered; Jay from blue owl told me it’s Oni. Totally makes since given all the secret master stuff etc, and the collabs.
  13. SuperJackle


    32 in canes but size 2 orslow
  14. SuperJackle


    I have a pair of these as well, they’re great! Mine are on ice until I get through some other black pairs. I found they fit slightly fuller (and better, for me) than the indigo pair of 107’s I had. I had the same thing happen with my sugarcane indigo 2014 vs black pair 2014 in the same size. Indigo pair in one wash was smaller all-around, black pair slightly fuller. Makes me think there’s something about sulfur dyed denim that makes it shrink less; the patterns are clearly the same during factory cutting.
  15. SuperJackle

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    To me, the first sign was when full count started to adopt all these bold print logo’s and slap them on everything. It’s hard to encapsulate exactly what I’m talking about here, but they really pushed hard into logos and branding a few years ago. Then they started to really experiment with avant-garde stylings. I’m not talking about just different fits, but like boa mufflers and weird shit(for the brand) like that. They remodeled their headquarters to look like some trendy American brewery, with succulents at every juncture. A repro brand that has remained (largely) unchanged over the years suddenly experimenting so outside of their scope, the arrival of peak selvedge and #workwear and the collapse of the two, and then the brand changing its mainline fits and styling all kind of fits the narrative. That’s my take, although they may be actually doing great. Unlike others, FC may come out unscathed because of their willingness to adapt. I’m seeing the same thing happen with some ex-rakuten shops like boropy and reggishop. They are increasing the number of crap they carry from nanamica (you know things are changing when fucking teva sandals are trendy!) etc, and slowly the selection they once had of warehouse, SC, buzz etc is dwindling. Hell, even self edge has been bringing in weird stuff from monitaly and human made which has me wondering. So maybe just a sign of the times.