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  1. Yes all my mccoys are size 31
  2. Sure thing, these measurements were taken in inches Waist 33 Thigh 12 Knee 8.125 Leg 7.5 Length 33.5 Rise front 10 Rise back 14.25
  3. @Geeman try the nagoya website. I have this in size 31 and nagoya measurements are pretty close to my raw measurements except for the thigh. not sure what part of thigh they are measuring but mine are measured straight out from the crotch was about 31.5cm raw while they have 28cm
  4. I own the 904s and was comparing. I did notice that mine has a pink selvedge id, where as the 904 model on the link appears to have an all white selvedge.
  5. Any description from the shop?
  6. s003j rmc tee blue seal trousers
  7. The 904s is the unsanforized model. Ive never seen without the "s" either. Perhaps The one without the "s" was the 004 model? by any chance did you take any pictures of both to compare?
  8. Real McCoys Samurai Warehouse
  9. RMC henley & blue seal trousers warehouse kicks
  10. Real mccoy Samurai
  11. Joe mccoy Real mccoy Warehouse
  12. Joe McCoy Dry Bones Samurai
  13. Sugar Cane Strike gold Warehouse
  14. Flat Head x3 Warehouse
  15. Iron Heart Real McCoy Joe McCoy Warehouse