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  1. Raw for Women

    these are my Baldwin Ten size 27 after maybe 1 year of wear and 4 washes these are my Samurai Geisha straight leg jeans size 2 which I haven't worn much yet at all, but I pulled them out of the closet...I want to start wearing them a lot more often and see what they turn into
  2. Raw for Women

    I ended up throwing my Baldwin Ten size 27 into a 2nd wash with warm water at the laundromat - because that first wash just wasn't thorough enough to get all of the ocean smell out. They smell great now. My 6 month fades became a little more visible in that wash but still subtle. I am actually happy with how this turned out. Subtle isn't bad for these jeans. I want to try to get some higher contrast fades with my samurai jeans ... just making a mental note to never allow those to touch ocean water bonus: they shrank a bit, which removes my temptation to buy a smaller pair of skinny jeans ...now they fit perfectly
  3. Raw for Women

    thanks I am glad they look good, I think I have 7 pairs of jeans at this point (several of them are the same brand/style just in multiple sizes). It's starting to feel excessive but maybe it's fine lol I really wanted something that could work with those black high heel pumps without completely hiding the shoe... my other samurai geisha and momotaros are the right length but they completely hide the shoe. my pickiness is satisfied ... for now
  4. Raw for Women

    i have treated myself to this pair of samurai geisha size 2 straight leg. (I had the wide boot cut samurai geisha already but not the straight leg.) I know I buy too many jeans, but ugghghh I love them so much. feeling like they look just fine. good whether I lose weight or not. i haven't given up on the idea of losing a few to make the flat head balders work better for me but in the meantime I really wanted these.
  5. Raw for Women

    the deed is done...they are washed...I hope "tide free and clear pods" don't contain bleach because that's what I had to wash them with. I put them outside to dry...hopefully the landlord doesn't mind if some of those shells turn blue
  6. Raw for Women

    need input y'all After swimming in the ocean, I put on my Baldwin Ten size 27 while my bathing suit was still wet. And now they smell like ass and a steaming pile of rotting fish in a New York City subway. They have only subtle fades....I was hoping to wear them longer before I wash the first time. Some whiskering is visible and some fades on the seams but that is about it. Should I.... 1) wash them asap 2) freeze them and hope it gets better 3) do nothing and hope it gets better 4) wear them swimming in the ocean and roll around in the sand and then wash them for real in the bathtub option 4 is only possible if I do it before Friday so that they have time to dry before I head back home (I don't live near the beach, just visiting)
  7. Raw for Women

    "fixing muffin top with exercise" lol what did I get myself into? I have lost 2 pounds already in the past 3 weeks but the jeans are getting harder to fit into instead of easier....feels like my legs are suddenly bigger for 24 hours after I do any lower body exercise. So there are days when I can't even pull them all the way up my thighs. still chipping away at it though because if I can lose a few pounds then inevitably some of it will come off my thighs and some will come off my lower back and then they would be so perfect. I'd like to be lean enough to fit into them even right after squats.
  8. Raw for Women

    Just in case anyone is curious how much the flat head balder size 27 stretched out ... a lot in the waist and back rise; a little in the thighs; none in the front rise: waistband: was 30.5" - now 32" back rise: was 12" - now 13" front rize: was 8" - now 8" thigh measured BIG style right at the crotch: was 11" - now 11.25" the lower back muffin top did not go away completely when the back rise stretched. It's not the jeans; the belt is sitting right on bones in the perfect spot where my belt always wants to sit even if the rise is higher; I just feel too fluffy in general. I am trying to lose 3 or 4 pounds of fat. these have a lot of favorite-jeans potential for me if I can fix what's left of the muffin top. Subtle fades are appearing fast but I'll wait until they have more wear before I start taking fade pictures. please please do not allow me to talk myself into buying a new pair of skinny stretch jeans yet to replace my Baldwin Ten size 25 ...lol... I keep repeating to myself "Flat Head balder will fade faster if I have fewer jeans in rotation"
  9. Raw for Women

    that stinks...back pockets can really make or break it I think off center or unsymmetrical or too far apart or too big or too small or too high or too low...noooooo, any of those are so wrong the Balders are my favorite jeans now, starting to fade a little bit and they broke in enough to be comfortable... if I am 100% honest though, the lower back muffin top didn't go away yet even though they are stretching out nicely. I decided to try to fix the lower back muffin top with exercise first if I can though.
  10. Raw for Women

    me too i really wanted to have a truly tight skinny pair of jeans and this one seemed like they could be perfect for it if I could just get the waistband tighter now they are unweaeable....basically just cat bedding
  11. Raw for Women

    I think in the future I'm going to stick to buying jeans that are already perfect in the thighs and upper block like lower leg taper and hemming only. I could even picture a thigh taper going badly for me if I miscalculate 0.1" because I like my jeans to sit so tight my very first attempt to get a downsizing service about a year ago went badly too (railcar vixen), but that one was clearly my fault ...I started out with the wrong size because I had no idea how much they would stretch, then I miscalculated whether or not downsizing could help, and also I didn't know yet that loose thighs + higher rise + taking in the waist = jeans will sit several inches higher on me .... so the back pockets were way too high afterwards... that attempt was symmetrical but totally unwearable because it looked like mom butt with the pockets too high. I ended up donating those to a thrift store and just thinking of it as an expensive learning mistake.
  12. Raw for Women

    a denim specialist ... I guess we have step 1 figured out because they are sending me a return shipping label so they can take a look and figure out what happened. I don't know what to do if it's not fixable though. in case anyone is curious here are pictures ... if I line up the center back seam with one of the lines on my floor, then the problem is visible... the right side of the waistband covers 3 full floor boards, but the left side does not to rule out the possibility of "what if the jeans were folded in a weird place for that picture of the back," I turned them over with the waistband folds in the same place and took a picture from the front so the front looks totally normal to me. but the back has the center back seam too far to the wearer's left (about 0.8" too far) likewise when I'm wearing them, the front looks symmetrical, but the back looks like the back seam and both back pockets are sitting about 1 inch too far to the left (because they are stretchy the difference is a little more). I sent a picture of that to the denim specialist who did the alteration.
  13. Has anyone ever sent your jeans to a downsizing service and the jeans were basically ruined? How to deal with that? I am trying to figure out what would be a fair resolution in that scenario. It just happened to me and did not expect it at all because the place that I sent them to gets good reviews. The "center" back seam is now an "off-center" back seam. Measurements confirm it is actually off-center and not just in my head. The right half of the rear waistband is 0.8" bigger than the left half of the rear waistband - and on a relatively small person that difference is painfully obvious. The center back seam is nowhere near the center of my butt, and the back pockets are off center too. Can't even cover the problem with a long shirt because the back pockets are so off center too. One half of the upper block is just overall smaller than the other. Completely unwearable now.
  14. Raw for Women

    I am bummed because I got the waist taken in on my Baldwin Ten size 25 (the ones whose legs fit just right but the waist was too big) - the end result feels much more comfortable but so visually wrong The "center" back seam is now an "off-center" back seam. Measurements confirm it is actually off-center and not just in my head. Sigh. That's 0 for 2 now, trying to improve jeans by getting the waist taken in; both times I felt like the alteration made the jeans even worse than they were before. I guess I shouldn't worry though because it gives me more reasons to wear my Flat Head balder jeans daily without fail (those are starting to break in very nicely and I can now button them while standing; also walking in them no longer feels like a resistance exercise for my TFLs)
  15. Raw for Women

    Frye madeline short boots with Flat Head Balder ... does this combination work? and does it look like the right hem length? Not too short? I feel like this hem length would definitely work with flats or a low heel but it would be nice if it works with a higher heel too. I tried them with high heel pumps last night, but felt like that was a big "nope" because the jeans weren't breaking at all over my foot. But the boots are thicker, so the jeans do break a little bit at least, maybe it works?