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  1. machine-language

    The Flat Head

    I won't have a chance to take post-soak fit pictures until next week but here are pre-soak pictures of the unsanforized RFR-004 jeans that I got my boyfriend as a gift, it's his first pair of raw denim, trying to turn him into an addict like me!! Will it work? http://imgur.com/a/WgOJsqW After soaking, they shrank to the exact measurements of a pair of Levi's 501 that fits him well, except 2 inches longer in the inseam (in the same tag size - 36) which is great, that's why I picked them because the one-wash measurements looked like such a good match on something that already works for him. for fit reference he's 6'6" and 190ish-200lb I think? and basically that means we appreciate the roomy knee and roomy lower leg because the "knee" area of most jeans is actually a few inches up his thigh. I didn't realize that would happen until the first pair of raw denim jeans I tried to buy him that were more tapered, so I returned those and got these instead, we are much happier with these.
  2. machine-language

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    I got my boyfriend the RFR-004 as a gift (unsanforized) ...here are pre-soak pictures (it's soaking now) http://imgur.com/a/WgOJsqW We are excited about these.... it's his first pair of raw denim
  3. I'm measuring at the crotch but almost all the size charts I see don't quite make it to the measurements I'm looking for. It's a lot more common to see 30" waist with 11" or 11.5" thighs and that ends up feeling borderline too tight in the upper thighs. 12" or 12.5" would be so much better.
  4. I'm trying to compile a list of jeans that have roomy thighs with a smaller waist (men's or women's jeans). Like a 30" waist with 12" or bigger thighs. Discontinued jeans are OK because sometimes they pop up on ebay. on my list so far: Flat Head Balder, Left Field Atlas, Pure Blue Japan 019 Can you think of any others?
  5. I want to buy my boyfriend some black jeans and he is not only tall but also long-limbed. So...black warp/black weft jeans with some fade potential that will be 38" or longer in the inseam after washing.....does it exist? I see Levi's shrink to fit has a 40" inseam "in theory" but I don't see it in his size and I'm not sure if this fabric has fade potential. Also not sure how much they will shrink. I see custom jeans from Williamsburg Garment Company with 40 inch inseams for $400+ ...ok maybe someday ...
  6. I'm also always on the lookout for raw denim jeans that have a 29-30" waist with 12" or bigger thighs, and a low rise. 33 inch or longer inseam. But that's for me, not for him and I prefer to buy already used/faded jeans for me (but I prefer to buy new for him) it's's really difficult to stay in "shopping for him" mode
  7. thank you! I am definitely considering those. I think I like iron heart's back pockets better than the rogue territory jeans I was looking at earlier.
  8. bahahhahah....this is exactly what I should do
  9. Is it cruel to gift raw denim to someone who knows nothing about raw denim? I keep getting urges to see my boyfriend in some really nice jeans. And if it's not cruel, then I would like to get suggestions about what would look good. He's a tall guy (6'6"), big boned but slim, and I measured jeans that fit him...the absolute minimum inseam length that wouldn't look like it's too short is 35" but I would prefer if they're several inches longer than that to allow room for shrinking or maybe stacking/cuffing. I have urges to see him in something kind of rugged, not the 12oz stretchy jeans he currently wears. he fits in Levi's 501 36x36 but maybe something a little slimmer than that? Not skinny though. I almost bought rogue territory stanton for him today but hesitated. just not sure. I like the shape of it though and I think it would suit him. meanwhile I'm happily (but slowly) fading my Somet 008 jeans which turned out to be the best women's jeans ever even though they're men's jeans. I love them!
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