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  1. ColonelAngus

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    What are your thoughts on the Japan Blue Jeans Cote d'Ivoire Type 4? I have no experience with JB so don’t know how this denim jacket compares with other Japanese brands. Any of you own this?
  2. Any of you have tips on how to loosen a buttonhole on a denim jacket? Is the sharpie method reliable? Trying to break in a new jacket but damn, the buttonholes are super tight
  3. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    ^^ I was looking at one of their recent drops......looks like a Japanese style wave print. But again, I'm thinking it's not really my thing after all, only because I don't want to look like a tourist. I only expressed interest because my short sleeve button up shirt game is pretty weak.
  4. ColonelAngus

    The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.

    Didn't think N&F could top themselves in the fugly department but these take the cake. Raver Guy lol
  5. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I don't think high-end wallets will go away, I just think there's less demand for them now as opposed to 6-7 yrs ago. Nowadays there are tons of makers out there selling handmade leather goods, so if you have disposable income then I suppose a Flat Head long wallet might be practical. I rarely carry cash and only use a front pocket wallet. I'm also not a fan of wallet fades so I try not to have so much stuff in my pockets. If I can avoid the George Costanza look then i'm good.
  6. ColonelAngus

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Wished my boy liked wearing jeans. Right now he’ll only wear sweatpants
  7. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    ^^ I don’t know. I like some of the Hawaiian shirt patterns I’ve seen but feel like I’d look like some cosplay dork. Ymmv
  8. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Any of you own any Freenote Cloth Hawaiian shirts? Surprisingly, the measurements on these look decent, as do the patterns. But, I’m borderline ocd when it comes to loud shirt designs and feel like I should be on the set of Magnum PI if I wore one.
  9. ColonelAngus

    UES Denim

    Heard back from UES and they specified a September ship date.
  10. ColonelAngus

    UES Denim

    I’m thinking I’ll order the two posted above. But, UES doesn’t specify when they’ll ship. I’m assuming since they’re pre-orders for FW21 they’ll ship late summer. Really digging the color ways they put out
  11. ColonelAngus

    UES Denim

    loving these new pre-order flannels from UES
  12. ColonelAngus

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I ordered from Denimio and Okayama Denim once about 5-6 yrs ago and can’t be bothered to buy from them again because they never have stock. I can certainly appreciate buying Japanese goods at Japanese prices but at this point I’d rather pay extra from a US store that has inventory. Of course there might be exceptions, like UES denim, but they’re only sold by a small handful of stores. The good thing about paying more for something is that it forces you to be more selective about your purchases, versus buying every release under the sun. I look at some of my purchases over the years and asked myself why? I’m one step away from being a hoarder
  13. ColonelAngus

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    @kiya could you give me sizing advice on the Iron Heart micro fleece shirt? I normally wear a size XL UHF — would I take the same size for the micro fleece? It would appear that some people are sizing down in this one which is why I’m asking. I’d want to wear it like my UHF’s with just a tshirt underneath, as opposed to wearing it like a shacket.
  14. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I’m digging the new Iron Heart micro fleece drops. Think I’ll have to nab one before they disappear. Although, anyone notice they’re the same colors as the Nintendo Switch? Surely a coincidence but amusing nonetheless
  15. ColonelAngus

    Rogue Territory Jeans

    I think a lot of it has to do with brand aesthetics/fits more than anything. US made is great but your brand ‘style’ has to have broad appeal. For US made I prefer 3sixteen, but that’s because I like their denim and their shirting fabrics are interesting. Not a knock against the other brands you mentioned but most of them are just kinda pedestrian to me. Likewise, there are tons of Japanese brands that are competing against each other, each with their own aesthetic.
  16. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    It’s like 5 women all showing up to prom wearing the same dress lol
  17. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I’d also give them a try if they reworked the fit of their shirts. They’ve put out some interesting stuff in the past but I always had to pass. I’m not a shirt tucker nor do I like the look.
  18. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Could never wrap my head around the cut of Freenote’s shirts. The measurements suggest I have to be tall and skinny to fit in one. Either they’re too narrow in the chest or too long in the body.
  19. ColonelAngus

    World of denim shops

  20. ColonelAngus

    UES Denim

    Excellent interview
  21. ColonelAngus

    World of denim shops

    Japan Post EMS is still no bueno to the US right? What does Bears use in its place? FedEx? DHL?
  22. ColonelAngus

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    That sounds eggsellent
  23. ColonelAngus

    Nice Things

    @Double 0 Soul that mackinaw blanket is nice. As much as I hate the fit of Filson’s clothing, they do manage to put out some nice things.
  24. ColonelAngus

    Pure Blue Japan

    Which PBJ cut is similar to Iron Heart’s 777’s? I’ve always wanted to try PBJ jeans but seems like every pair I come across is an extreme slim taper with a narrow 7” to 7.25” hem. I’m looking for something with a 7.75” to 8” hem with some room in the thighs and knees. Maybe the XX-011?
  25. ColonelAngus

    Sugar Cane Denim

    ^^ I used to own the same Warp Records tee years ago, except mine was the stealth version (black ink on a black tee).
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