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  1. I still need to check out their denim. Really like this brand
  2. Who makes a good work boot these days? I need steel/composite toe and lug soles. @shredwin_206 any suggestions? I’ve looked at Whites and Wesco but nothing jumps out at me. Whites has the Fulton and Chore boots but I don’t believe those are safety toe. I like the Wesco Jobmaster but I’d probably have to go custom to get what I need and I think custom jobs take a year. Any other companies worth checking?
  3. I’m a fan of IH and own many flannels & jackets from them. Some I paid full price for and others I bought on sale. I do like how warm the flannels are in the winter, so they’ve served me well. Price will always be subjective and a bit of a sticking point for consumers. To give credit where credit is due, IHUK did help bring more attention to the brand internationally, as well as introduced items that IH Japan wouldn’t have made otherwise. It’s a business so at the end of the day IHUK has to make money. As such, things like the cost of labor to make IH clothing, inflation, shipping, taxes, etc, etc, have necessitated the rise in prices. I don’t like it and I’m pretty sure no one at IH likes it either. With that said, if the prices get any higher I’ll likely stop buying their stuff. It’s not that I can’t afford a $360 flannel shirt, it’s the principle of it all. $360 is a car payment, or baseball gear for my son, or god knows what other things I may need or want. I’ve started buying UES flannels because I like the quality/coloways and buying direct from them saves me $100-200 depending on which Western retailer you normally buy it from. I’m basically getting 2 UES flannels for the price of 1 IH flannel with money leftover. I think the only pet peeve of mine is how I’m now seeing more celebrities wearing denim brands that some of us like, like IH or Rogue Territory. I mean, they can certainly afford this stuff but now it feels like I’m all dressed up for senior prom and the popular kid is wearing the exact same outfit lol. I know it sounds pretty douchey to say but these brands don’t feel as special as before.
  4. Freenote Cloth did a shirt with similar fabric as well right after IH’s. Either way, I didn’t take LF’s comment as a smear against IH, but more of a highlight of ‘we make our stuff in the USA and for less than other brands’ 3sixteen seemed to pride themselves on being MiUSA but have shifted production of some of their items overseas. Not gonna lie, that kinda bothered me but they had their reasons. Anyway, my two cents.
  5. It’s for more practical reasons. I have a Mitchell leather money clip wallet made from Horween chrome xl. Problem with this leather is it stretches a lot, so much so that I lost my driver’s license because it slipped out of the slot when I was at the gas station. It had vertical card slots which was the problem. I now want a simple bifold wallet where my cards are unable to fall out. I also just like shell cordovan
  6. Need wallet brand suggestions. I’m looking for a simple card wallet, preferably shell cordovan. Brands can be big or small, not really particular about how well known a company is. I know of Ashland, Mitchell leather, TFH, etc. I’ve browsed Etsy as well but figured some of you might know of companies that make nice wallets
  7. https://www.nike.com/t/air-jordan-1-low-mens-shoes-z3Tl2VeJ/553558-041
  8. They’re Jordan lows. Blue and black color way
  9. These Jordans are narrow af compared to every other shoe brand I’ve purchased
  10. Picked these up today 93CB5198-F3B3-4933-875F-2E59FE5E2955.webp
  11. Got my flannels yesterday. Great quality and color ways. The yellow on the blue flannel is a bit more muted and not obnoxiously loud. Good stuff
  12. Just ordered these. Or as I like to call them, the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills flannels
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