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  1. buying from Rakuten definitely made IH more accessible. I only wished I had bought more IH goods before the change. Paying $300+ for an IH flannel is a hard pill to swallow but I do think they're quality is far better than the majority of other companies out there. I love the fabrics they bring to the market and the piece of mind knowing that they're fit guides are fairly accurate and their clothing is built to last. moving forward, i'm basically going to have to limit my IH purchases to 1 or 2 items a year, or lookout for seasonal sales.
  2. I made the mistake of throwing my jeans in with other clothes and it created weird creasing in the denim. Now, I wash my jeans by themselves. I do like some of the others and start with an initial soak to get some of the starch and shrinkage out but then just throw them in the washer when they get filthy. no point in babying your jeans -- they're made out of cotton and will deteriorate over time anyways. I don't get the whole ritual thing of not washing for 6 months, or people that perpetuate the myth of needing to put your jeans in the freezer, or not washing your jeans at all. makes me wonder how many of these guys are single because no woman in her right mind would date a man who thinks it's acceptable to walk around in his own filthy jeans because he wants epic fades.
  3. I disagree. I have an IH UHF flannel and it's so warm I can only wear it when the temps dip below 10 degrees. It's like wearing a blanket
  4. that's a fairly broad generalization you're painting there aren't you? I used to like Gustin and have 4 pairs of their jeans....same with N&F. They're a low cost alternative for people who aren't quite willing, or don't see the appeal in spending $220+ on a single pair of raw denim. Quality is subjective and while I do have expensive denim in my closet (like Strike Gold & 3sixteen) I no longer find it appealing to drop 3 bills on a pair of denim because of how slubby they are or which denim mill made the fabric. If the fit sucks then what's the point? Same goes for footwear. I don't own any RW boots but I wouldn't rule out buying a pair if it were on sale. I have a pair of Indy's that I never wear and kinda like Viberg and Truman, but their silhouettes are weird, so that saves me an easy $700. I've seen pics of dudes wearing an IH flannel and IH jeans but a sh*tty pair of $80 boots. My first thought is, why would someone go through the expense of paying over $600 for a flannel shirt and jeans but skimp on footwear? At the end of the day jeans are jeans and I no longer care about these types of inconsistencies. They're made out of cotton and a pair of $350 IH's will fade the same as a pair of $80 Gustins or $150 N&F. Likewise, boots are boots and they will get worn out with time.
  5. You could also add, how many guys need a $300 IH flannel? A lot of denim or clothing enthusiasts care about provenance and the quality of their clothes. Do I have to be a lumberjack to wear an IH flannel or must I wear a sh*tty Kohls flannel to get me through harsh midwest winters? If people can afford $1200 boots or whatever then who cares? I think the downside to this hobby is we spend way too much time criticizing what people wear rather than commending them on how they're wearing it, myself included.
  6. Agreed. I have a pair of Thorogoods which I hardly wear, but should probably use them since I do have a part-time gig doing receiving in a warehouse. I sure as hell won't wear my Indy's though....those are strictly for casual wear.
  7. @mikecch I have the opposite assumption about most denim IG users, and that is they're average joes using their iphones to take pics. Of course, some of the more well known users may be well to do, but I've never found that to be relevant. It's more about authenticity for me. Don't get me wrong, a lot of IG users genuinely love denim, boots, etc., but I get annoyed when someone tries to rep a brand only because they got free shwag and not because it's well made, hand made, ethically made or a brand they really love. I've made a lot of purchases in the last 2-3 yrs and it took some trial and error to figure out which brands worked for me and which ones sucked. I know this is subjective so take my comments with a grain of salt
  8. they're still plugging along. BOW recently released a Tanuki redcast denim
  9. I only know they're a brand from Virginia. I've known about them for a couple of years but they started popping up all over IG in recent months. I'm guessing they're trying to capture more market share and have offered freebies to any IG user with a large following. I'm sure they have nice denim fabrics but I could never get on board with their fits and I honestly didn't see what made them stand out over other established brands. I've tried putting myself in the shoes of other IG users and pondered the question, "would I pimp a brand if they offered me freebies?" That's a tough call because on the one hand, I try to give newer brands a chance but, on the other hand, i'm very nitpicky about the clothing I wear and don't think I could represent a brand if I didn't like what they were doing, whether that be the jeans they make or the look of their shirts and jackets.
  10. Denim macros, fades and clothing combos have their place on IG. I tended to lose interest in the ones that had sh*tty quality pics, or the ones of users posting the most mundane feeds like, "hey, look, I just got a delivery from SOP," or some fanboy dressed head to toe in RgT.
  11. I noticed that too. I like RW moc toes as well but I can't really fathom paying full price for a pair. I think more than anything i've grown tired of the same feeds of some random guy laying his clothes out in a grid, or comments left by IG users that all employ use of the phrase, 'nice kit.' Again, IG has opened me up to many cool brands and I do think it has its positives but I slowly grew tired of it and seeing the same repetitive stuff everyday. Before I closed my account I started following vinyl junkies/record collectors, which I found more interesting.
  12. Oddly enough, I think PBJ is a bit of an outlier in all of this. IH has a rock solid reputatation and excellent quality/variety to match, so it's easy to understand why they have fiercely loyal customers. Not to sound redundant but PBJ has a few things that don't work in their favor, namely, their weird fits (which have gradually expanded to accomodate Westerners), and more importantly, their tremendous lack of variety. I know that 'indigo' is their thing, hence the name Pure Blue Japan, but damnit, I would like to see them offer something that isn't blue for once.
  13. I'm guessing he's had many lowball offers, so I can't necessarily find fault with him. I agree, it's probably not the most tactful thing to do if you want to sell expensive clothing but isn't Grailed notorious for people lowballing users?
  14. I think it has tapered off a little. The interest is still there but when you look at the economics behind everything, costs are slowly rising and I think raw denim will eventually become inaccessible, or at the very least, customers will start gravitating towards the cheaper brands again. I haven't bought new jeans in over a year and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Denim enthusiasts fall into a niche category and I think we tend to be a little obsessive/compulsive about our clothing. I look back on all the clothing i've purchased in the past 2-3 yrs and there's a lot I'd return, simply because I wasn't as educated about brands back then. Nowadays I can't justify any $300+ clothing purchases that amount to a car payment. This is one of the reasons I got off of Instagram -- it did nothing but enable my clothing purchases and the last thing I want is to have buyer's remorse, or worse, put myself into debt just so that I can feel good about myself.
  15. True, but some of the IG posters I followed actually had decent feeds. I think I got turned off by it because it started to turn into a scheme for companies to make sales. I get it, that's what companies use IG for, but I followed people because I liked seeing pics of faded jeans and guys repping brands that they've been wearing for a few years. Once you start doing product placement for brands the very idea of IG loses me.