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WAYWT (denim version) 2016


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gerogia-1-19.jpgTop to bottom. 


Filson Soy Tin lined cruiser- I'm only allowed to wear this one when the lady is away because its so dirty, I love it. 


Eat Dust 673 Denim Vest- I've had this little guy for a little over 4 years. I don't wear it as a piece on it's own often, but it has seen a fair bit of use around the city on the bikes. I also saw that a few people have posted the vests on their wish lists so I thought I would include a  few more flicks. Nothing too special.. a little wear here and there, but nothing to write home about. I'm a little over 6 foot and run a medium. 


Rising Sun Blacksmith- I gave these little ones a bath last night to clean em up a little bit. I've had these in my rotation for a while now and have about 60 days of livin into them, I hemmed them a little shorter, because I like that look with the little wider straight cut.


Redwing 8113 Hawthorne Iron ranger- I've been running these fairly consistently for about 4 years. They have a few broken loops, and I had to replace the laces a few years ago. They stretched out a ton so now i run an insole, but I haven't had to resole them. I love these. 


Vintage Buco Riding Cap- I've been collecting old riding caps for a few years, I found this one in pretty much NOS condition this past spring at a swap and was hyped. About a month later I rode away with it on my sissy bar and rode a few miles before i noticed that it was stuck between my fender and wheel...ahh well Character... I found the pin from 48 on a jacket at a thrift store and my friend Kirby of DeadUnion gave me the little skull last week when I gifted him an old Buco helmet with 2 hand painted snoopy graphics from the mid 70s. 


Accessory- Easily my favourite piece on this kit is my Clutch mag "You Pay" money clip. Comes in handy... if you ever want me to buy you some food. If anyone is curious 1952/66 Harley Davidson. 


heres the Eat D Flicks. 



That's a nice big twin shovel man

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I don't read but yeah a pan shovel!

Thanks G, Yea it's a fun one. Asleep for the season now, started working on the new project today.

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Casual kit Tuesday... I put on a little music and I'm dancin around in my 

Stevenson Overall Loop Wheel Crew 

Eat Dust fit 76- These are pretty OG Eat Dust from one of their first seasons 4 or 5 years ago, I wore these for the better part of 2 years straight and have since tossed a few other pairs into the mix so they don't get worn as often. I foolishly gave away my first pair to a home boi of mine. I like to wear these a little long, I kinda feel like the kids in The Sand Lot movie. 

Buttero White leather kicks. 

Vintage 50's Buco riding cap. 

Skull face to dress up my mug... The Ides. 

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Very nice volvo , the next thing I buy is definitely gonna be a shawl collar navy jacket .... just need to decide if I should get a buzz rickson or a tcb ???? , in a perfect world I'd like a nice worn out vintage one but that would be hard enough to find at a decent price

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gerogia-1-24.jpgThis is my " Talking on the phone with my mom" face. 

She called to let me know that I shouldn't be working on a holiday Monday, and that I should "be smarter". 

This must have been right when she said " You should be smarter" 

anyway, I agree. 



-T.C.B 30's Bucket hat. 


-W.H. Ranch Dungarees Jacket , this was the first prototype that Ryan made for this one. We needed to refill a little bit of stuff so I picked it up for myself. It's a bit of a different cut than what I would normally wear but I dig it. 


- Velva Sheen Thermal- I don't know how I feel about these shirts, it's sort of a love hate thing, but all my other thermals are filthy and it's chilly today. 


- Mister Freedom Riders Dungarees. Really dig these pants and I'm hyped its cool enough to wear them again. the 17oz was just a little too warm for the last couple months. I feel a bit weird rolling these up because of the pockets on the back of the leg, but if I wear them straight I look like I'm about 4'1". 


- Redwing Iron ranger Black. 

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