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WAYWT (denim version) 2016


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Ah yes.. You can see it. I keep thinking I want a pair of 710xx's but the best fits I have seen have all been altered. I'm skinny so anything less than super tapered/tight looks stupid on me. I might try the SDA 107's.


I don't know.  I have see some pretty slim fits on skinny guys in the Samurai thread.  You should look through it.

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Just wanted to add a comparison.


With the new Oni IDxID releases i actually purchased both the 612 and 516


Left is size 33 612 with 33" unhemmed

right is size 34 516 with 31" hem


the 612 was WAY too tapered at 6.25" and wasnt my fit. The 516 is my perfect "slim taper" fit



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Been over in LA for the past week, decided instead of going home from Sydney to Canada i should meet some friends roughly half way. 


Been an awesome week with some mates! This is on Highway 1 between LA and San Fran (which is gorgeous), pretty much looked like this all week long! Stopped off at Self Edge SF as well! 




Brixton Hat (Aussie Styling)

Flat Head 7010W

Samurai x Denimio 710XX Geisha

Viberg Tan Roughout 2040 (sample sale) 

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These are some if the best jacket makers ive experienced with. I got the goat with pinstripe on the back they were 1150 way back 2009 the rest are just background noise. Like himel, aero , etc etc. and these brand scharge you an arm and a leg. Lanlgitz quarantee the fit theyll do money back if the fit is not what you want. And you can get a new one made.

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Too hot today, was wearing the IH shirt by itself and had to switch it up and wear it open.  <_<


Iron Heart IHSH-154 herringbone work shirt.

Mister Freedom skivvy.

GoodArt HLYWD Model 10.

Ooe Yokufukuten 1702XX.

Viberg Boondockers.

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Volcom Western shirt thing

Tender Belt

Ooe OA02XX

Astorflex Stone


Ooes are still going strong and just got the boots today. I'm absolutely loving them. They're everything a pair of clarks should be. They feel more comfortable from the first wear than my others do with months of wear. I meant to post more pics of my jeans, but rehearsing and memorizing music for our competition in Wales next week is keeping me pretty occupied. If anyone in the UK is going to the Eisteddfod in Llangollen, be sure to come see our set for some awesome American choral music! And more!

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