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  1. karanimal

    Samurai Jeans

    essentially Off the bat it seemed like everyone else wanted a 710xx cut and the heaviest denim they could use. From there it progressed and just developed into a pair of "what can we do and what does samurai have that we can use," which brought on the tab choices, using all the different buttons on the fly, etc. There was no real voting process but I'd say that all the other contestants are getting a pair they are excited about, and the excitement for the pair is high on reddit as well. We may all just be a little out of touch and no longer the target market
  2. karanimal

    Samurai Jeans

    I got to 'collaborate' on this pair, ie. sit on the sideline while choices were pretty much made by others. They are going to be pretty ugly jeans imo i wanted a lighter denim, in a wider cut, with more toned down features. I'll be getting a free pair but i'm 90% sure my thighs will never fit into these unless i drop about 10kg of muscle...