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  1. mhmrzky

    Studio D'artisan

    Finally reached 8 months and its time to wash my sda! Studio D’Artisan DM-107 #SDADENIMIO2017. 8 months 1 wash & 1 soak Post wash: Side by side with my 36 months Samurai Jeans S710XX Follow my instagram account @mrizky_denimevo for more fades!
  2. mhmrzky

    Iron Heart Jeans

    New pickup, Limited edition Iron Heart 5th Anniversary IH634SR 21/23oz
  3. mhmrzky

    Samurai Jeans

    Samurai S710XX (GDB Contest Edition). 20 Months, 3 washes
  4. mhmrzky

    Studio D'artisan

    SDA DM-107 (Contest Pair). 5 months, 0 wash
  5. mhmrzky

    Studio D'artisan

    Studio D’artisan DM-107 (same type as SD-107) denimio contest edition. 4 months #SDADenimio2017. For more photos -> go follow my instagram account @mrizky_denimevo
  6. mhmrzky

    Samurai Jeans

    Samurai S710XXCON GDB Contest Edition at 14th months.
  7. PBJ XX010 non washed with normal price Or PBJ XX010 one washed with 5% discount?