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  1. illumin8em

    Superdenim community sale thread

    $175 shipped CONUS
  2. illumin8em

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Russell Moccasin Art Carter Chukka, French Veal leather, Vibram Olympic Gumlite soles, size 10.5D SOLD. Years ago I made the mistake of listening to the internet and sized 1/2 a size down in Russell's. That was a mistake and these just never got worn past a week worth of evenings in the house trying to make them work. Still no wear on soles, very little evidence of being worn other than the inside heal where my orthotic rested. Hit me with a DM if interested, want more pics etc.
  3. illumin8em

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    Can anyone recommend who's making the shortest body/cropped sweatshirts at the moment? It seems like every brand has added a few inches to the body length the last few years and that is the opposite direction that I was hoping for. Great for all the long torso/short leg folks I guess but what about us short torso long leggers? The old Buzz were great, I've heard the Warehouse 401 was ace but it seems they've also joined the trend and gotten longer. No use bringing up Atlast &Co since I'm more likely to capture the extinct Tasmanian Tiger than figure out how to buy anything from them. Maybe I should be looking at women's sweatshirts
  4. illumin8em

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Warehouse & Co. Lot. 3001 Longhorn selvedge denim shirt. Size 42. Cold soaked, line dried once, barely worn. That's a crap photo. More photos just ask, didn't want to clog the page. $190 shipped 22" Chest 18" Shoulders 26" Arms 31" Length of back
  5. illumin8em

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Prices as shipped Warehouse - $280 Sugar Cane - $165 Duckdigger - $70 Danners - $165 Buzz - Sold
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342