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    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Before I waste my time and give these a hot wash any chance someone has a size 32 in the White Oak Commemorative farewell pair that they'd trade for my size 33? Cold soaked, waist hot soaked, worn once, cuffed once. I accidentally messed up the top of the patch hot soaking but it's still there.
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    Can anybody shed light on what items listed as pre-order and reservation really mean? If you click on the "Stock status" tab both items say "Since this item is selling simultaneously at the shop other than this site, there are times when the item is sold out due to time lag." but the per-order says "Inventory", and the "reservation" says In Stock. Neither item has measurements posted. It's just rather confusing to me. The "reservation" item is what I'm considering there's no mention of a completion date.