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  1. L-R Lady White Co Tee Jean shop Cons-Indigo dyed, pair #1 Iron Heart shirt Lady Whites Co tee Tender Old Brogues Flat Head Two Moon Cons- Indigo Dyed 2nd pair.
  2. Cons after they've been indigo dyed .
  3. Having my old cons indigo dyed.
  4. L-R Pherrows long sleeve top Work Ware Vest Ande Whall Jacket Jeanshop jeans Cons Pherrows long sleeve top Workware Vest Jeanshop jeans Juan Atkins Model 500 Carhartt jumper Iron Heart jacket Skulls Cons Gallows (UK Punk Band) Tee (unseen) LVC hoody Vintage jacket Skulls Old Brogues
  5. Yep. On off wear over a few years.
  6. Some recent pics: L -R 3 days Union Workwear vest White tee Mister Freedom/SC Rider Dungarees Freewheelers Jacket Orslow Jacket SC Hawaii Old Timberlands Buzz Rickson Deck Jacket Mister Freedom/SC Rider Dungarees Redwings Iron Heart Shirt SC Hawaii 3 days Union Workwear vest Old long sleeve tee Tender Jeans
  7. My sugar cane hawaii, years of on off wear.
  8. Few from the last couple of weeks L-R Freewheelers Coat Chambray Shirt (hardly seen) Skulls Chucks Ande Whall Grizzly Jacket Iron Heart Shirt Sugarcane Old brogues LVC Coat Skulls Double Works kicks Full Count Stadium Jacket Denim Demon Vest Old Baseball quarter length Tee Skulls Double Works Kicks Denim Demon Vest KISS Tee Skulls Vans
  9. Love that jacket in the first pic...
  10. L-R Flat Head Sugarcane Cons Vintage Bobcats jacket Pherrows (hardly seen) Sugarcane LVC Jacket Nigo curry up sweat Sugarcane Old brogues boots
  11. I have a pair of the Mister Freedom Riders Dungarees myself and roll them up, think it looks ok. Great fabric and tough as hell.
  12. L to R; Edwin Tender Cons ByBeatle Tee Skulls Cons Ande Whall jacket Edwin Tee Sugarcane Al’s Attire shoes
  13. Seen on instagram that Son of a Stag in London are now stocking Freewheelers. They seem to be stocking loads of brands.
  14. Left from last week; On U-Sound Records Tee Skulls Double Works Right from this week; Rogue Territory Two Moon Cons