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  1. XS-31,a little more than four months,one hand wash.
  2. Pointless.ONI do a good shrinkage. A further slight shrinkage is possible after wash after prolonged wear (in very hot water in a machine wash,drying near heat sources, etc.) You can wet and gently dry it (if the existing is not satisfied).
  3. I apologize for the offtopic,or remove. For example, any hardware store,buy a reversible clamp (just below the length of the rail was enough for your waist),remove both parts and install them on the opposite side (unclamping).All. I do easier know-how of all times and peoples Met special products on eBay or on other sites....it's a disposable toy...crumbling waste of money.
  4. Beautiful,again an image from my childhood.
  5. Yes
  6. Hi lance, it is not my jeans.In short,men did not expect such a small shrinkage,but he has achieved total comfort (in the knee also comfortable).Initially a little tight at the top,but just a few sit-UPS.
  7. Studio D'Artisan D1728 The world's three major cotton jeans size 33 Bought in https://www.denimio.com/studio-d-art...ton-jeans.html Initial measurements / bathtub with hot water / washing machine 60 degrees,no spin (in the waist limiter) W - 44 - 44 - 44HIP - 56 - 54,5 - 54FR - 28,5 - 28 - 27BR - 38 - 37 - 36TH - 33,5 - 32,5 - 32TH_ 5см-31,5 - 30,5 - 30TH_10см - 29 - 28 - 27,5KN - 23,5 - 23 - 22,5LO - 19,5 - 19 - 18,5IN - 93,5 - 91,5 - 89 Growth 176, weight - 87 Overview after shrinkage http://forum.watch.ru/showthread.php?p=4236251#post4236251
  8. initial measurements/bathtub with hot water/washing machine 60 degrees. (in the waist limiter), W33
  9. About my message ? do not open the link or what ?
  10. If it helps http://forum.watch.ru/showpost.php?p=4236252&postcount=909 PS BIG method, hip-7.5cm up
  11. Voting always takes place from his own pocket,so if the performance and quality characteristics are the same,then wins cheaper option. Not important to America,Germany,Japan or......the Solomon Islands, an important will be just the personal preference or a desire to support some of the manufacturer. Japan for the first time raised the initiative ? The first time the U.S. lost the initiative ? The world is too complex to simplify,so the only way for him to walk in a circle,and so thousands of years and in this circle man is voting their own pocket.
  12. The mission of the Western dealers completed successfully,now all the layers of customers are equal-the same payment (at the top rate).There is a chance for obscure Japanese and other manufacturers,but they will also gradually raise prices,forced,IMHO.Time will judge.
  13. d'Artisan xs-31