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  1. Eternal Jeans

    @chantheman it's delicious photos, the living diversity on my monitor.....and the patina of bygone times...
  2. The Strike Gold

    SG103 4 months - 2 wash -2 soak Very resistant to fading, however impressive on the flexures.
  3. Pure Blue Japan

    90C Fahrenheit is not practiced in my country Temperature readings recorded scoreboard washing machine
  4. Pure Blue Japan

    Yes, bad..someone is doing so-cut the patch, washes, sews a patch ago (not sure if the consequences of a temperature mode) Here 009, the same mode
  5. Pure Blue Japan

    Strange, perhaps it depends on the period of issue, here are my 003 after 90 degrees
  6. Pure Blue Japan

    Patch PBJ...it is reasonable, however I have tried 3 pairs of PBJ for 90 degrees-no breaking changes For PBJ it works
  7. Pure Blue Japan

    No Nothing terrible, safely
  8. Conners Sewing Factory

    13.5 oz
  9. Studio D'artisan

    XS-31,a little more than four months,one hand wash.
  10. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Pointless.ONI do a good shrinkage. A further slight shrinkage is possible after wash after prolonged wear (in very hot water in a machine wash,drying near heat sources, etc.) You can wet and gently dry it (if the existing is not satisfied).
  11. Studio D'artisan

    I apologize for the offtopic,or remove. For example, any hardware store,buy a reversible clamp (just below the length of the rail was enough for your waist),remove both parts and install them on the opposite side (unclamping).All. I do easier know-how of all times and peoples Met special products on eBay or on other sites....it's a disposable toy...crumbling waste of money.
  12. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Beautiful,again an image from my childhood.