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Update: EW-0110

Almost ate the pavement while skateboarding w/ the nephew☺ï¸. Special thanx to Maki @BiG for providing patching/Sashiko material, i.e., Sumi CenturyDenim


Denim had gotten loose from wear = machine wash&dry, to rein the fabric in a bit.

Pix taken today before their 6th wash.





if so that is so clean, the patch looks great! 

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If you're asking about the handstitched edges of the Sumi__ YES it's DIY!

Thanx__ had a lot of practice doing preventive maintenance & working on the 710XX crotch ... w/c is a perpetual work-in-process

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jesus.  if anyone needs to know how a denim fades, throw them at Max Power for a few months and see :D


Look great. 


BTW, anyone know whats up with Japan-Holic?  Their site seems to be down and some splash page shows up talking about claiming the domain or some bullshit.  Was hoping to get a pair from them..

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I think Japan-Holic may well have closed down. Much of their stock had gone and of that still showing on the site, most had been sold and the online inventory wasn't updated to reflect it. I emailed them months ago about the Warehouse western denim shirts and was eventually told they were out of stock, despite the site showing otherwise.

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Here's a pic of the 1105 LTD, size 34, zip fly, 13.5 oz. (post soak: 75 min/warm water).


I really like them except for the length -- only 32.5"!  Here are the raw (and post soak) measurements:


Waist    35.25"  (34.0")

FR        12.0"     (11.5")

BR        16.75"   (16.5")

Thigh    13.75"   (13.25")

Knee     10.0"     (9.375")

LO         8.25"    (8.0")

Inseam  34.5"    (32.5")



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As a lab, your dog is probably thinking "I'm going to make these jeans even hairier! Along with every single square inch of the rest of your world!"


Kidding (kinda). I grew up with 4 of those hair factories. I don't wear much black in my life, and I honestly think it traces back to avoiding it in my youth due to having a yellow lab.

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They're just a hair smaller than I'd like.  If they were 1/4" wider the entire length of the leg, and about 3/4" to 1" higher rise (front and back) they'd be close to perfect.  All the Lee details on them are great though.    

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Had my 1001's tapered. When I originally bought them, I thought the leg opening of 8.75 would be perfect since my samurais were 8.65. But when I started wearing them they felt huge. I then realized my Samurai's were actually like 8.3... So I wanted the leg opening smaller by about .5 inches, but sadly they ended up about .7 inches smaller. This .2 inches really bothers me haha.


I threw them in the wash on hot to try and shrink the thighs down some since they now looked hilarious with massive thighs and super small leg opening. It helped a bit but worried it'll look funky again when they stretch. Doesn't look too bad but probably going to have to wear vans and converse only with them. Oh well, at least the denim looks damn good! 


here are some pics with vans and slightly bulkier adidas (sorry it's really sunny now). 




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looks good to me 

Thanks, appreciate it!


Being able to wear my Vans is one of my top considerations when purchasing new denim.

As far as looking "hilarious", I disagree, looks great. I say this while looking ay my huge thighs that Sensei referred to "tree trunks".

Thanks! Yeah, always got to be able to wear the Vans and I'm good! And sorry, meant they looked hilarious when I first got them back from being tapered so I threw them in the wash on hot to shrink them back down and don't look too bad now.

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You didn't get them tapered at rail car by chance did you? They tapered mine an extra .4 or narrower than I had wished, but it ended up alright. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to achieve the exact stated measurement especially when you only have so much room to work with and not altering the knee etc as well.

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