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  1. Size 36x34, hem is 8.5"
  2. Yeah, I've gotten away from cuffing my jeans. I associate cuffs with a certain era, fits, and styles, and prefer a more regular fit and style that basically goes with anything in my wardrobe. A chainstitch hem and roping is nice, but it creates a raised area for early and heavy wear. My 76s are wearing there early, and it's demolished on my 1001s.
  3. Glad to hear it's been simplified as much as possible, and is now "run what ya brung". Got a potential pair of jeans on the way to stash away until November.
  4. Just a little twist in the left leg of the '76s. Don't recall either having any in the '78s.
  5. 30% off on Levi's site again. Not supposed to work for LVC, but the girl I spoke with on the phone was able to push it through with the discount.
  6. If those are a pair from the small run of 1004s from a couple years ago, I'm pretty sure they were a lighter weight denim.... 7x10 or 7x11 or 7x12 (though I could be remembering wrong). I found the Tumblr posts about them, but the WH page they link to is gone.
  7. BF, the current DD 1001XX uses the 13.5 oz denim.
  8. Not exactly 66s, but the LVC 76s (which iirc represent 501s from '72 to '77) aren't wildly different from late 60s 501s in shape. IMO they give a closer approximation of a late 60s/early 70s 501 than anything anyone else is making, without any goofy proportions or exaggerated details.
  9. Just the left leg twisted on my pair, but no where near as hard as on other pairs of lvc 501s.
  10. Three washes, including initial. A little dryer time the first two washes, but won't be doing that anymore since they crease easily along the length of the inseam. Not really an issue on the right leg, but with the twist on the left it could make a mess.
  11. Nothing too wild with puckering along the seams. Roping at the hem is surprisingly strong. These are becoming my current favorite. Little bigger in the thigh than I like, but everywhere else is great. And with continued weight loss, my WH 800s are a little big in the waist with wear (gone have to wash them more often than planned) and the 76s are more comfortable since they're a little smaller.
  12. Setterman, Light Weight Class (13.5 oz) Warehouse 1001. 450 days of wear, 16 washes (including 2 initial).
  13. Yep, no shrinkage after the first wash. Not sure the water's actual temperature, but it was most likely on the cool or warm setting. I threw them in the dryer for 12 minute to help them along in finishing up drying. BTW, this denim gets fold lines along the inseam from the dryer very easily! Be careful! will try to get some pix, not much to see yet.
  14. White bed sheet. Used ProCam app and fiddled and fiddled with manual settings.
  15. Test run before posting any final pictures of the DWC. Seeing what I can get with an iPhone 7. WH 1001, 450 days of wear. 15 or 16 washes (including two initial). Not bad, but color is off a hair on PC (too light, not blue enough). Looks accurate when I look at sufu on an iPhone.