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  1. Thanks! After getting to work and seeing this photo on a PC rather than my phone, I got some practicing to do. Shared onto Instagram, to @setterpie looks better there, but contrast and color still isn't what I want. With the grey/soft blue cast of the worn areas rather than a stark white, I have trouble getting accurate results. Edit to add another shot, see if it looks any better.
  2. Playing with camera on my new phone before I have to post final pix for the DWC in a few weeks. iPhone 7 Plus. Kinda surprised how much I have to increase the saturation to get the blue close to reality. 1001, 440 days of wear, 14 washes.
  3. Thanks! i believe the wear and tear there comes from sitting with my legs crossed. that would explain why the left wears more and faster than the right. Not sure what I'll do post DWC. Probably wear until they have to be fixed. They're the only really worn pair of jeans I have that aren't huge on me, so don't want to destroy or retire them.
  4. 1001s opening up. Keys and zippo have the whiskers and pocket area ready to come open too.
  5. Only worn these three days since the beginning of February. Hopefully the cold weather is over, and I can wear these another 20 times by the end of April. A bit threadbare for cold windy weather. They tighten up nice with a wash, but they're pretty beat and get stretched and sloppy after a days wear and hang at the hips. WH 1001, just under 430 days of wear.
  6. The waist wasn't a matter of stiffness, but a lack of give. The top fly button and waistband button aren't too far away from each other. Between their mutual support of each other, and the tighter weave of the denim, there's a lot less give than what I'm used to with LVC and Warehouse, and reminds me of my old SDA 101s and Valencia St 551ZXX. The denim is much stiffer than we're used to with LVC. But IIRC, after a couple times through the washer and dryer my 78s started softening up. That stiffness, tighter weave, and less stretchiness is what I've kinda always expected outta the post war LVC 501s.
  7. Who spends $300 on jeans anymore? Isn't most stuff below $240 now? I guess my point is there's boots for actually doing things, and then there's dress boots. My Red Wings are my "do anything boot" where they fill multiple roles and I'm not worried about mud, dirt, water, and shit. I'd think most Viberg owners are going to be a bit more careful (rightfully so) with their investment. So whether you're the newbie guy in RW talking out your ass about them, or the guy with the high end customs that still look brand new after 2 years, to compare a $260 boot you're going to wear the heck out of vs a $700 one you're going to pamper isn't really fair or logical. They're two different things.
  8. Oh, I don't think they'd be wrecked in a couple months. If you're doing the kind of work that for example requires a boot like Wesco, they're probably a good investment. But, odds are if you're hanging around here you're probably not doing the type of work that requires a boot like that, and you're just playing dress up in some expensive footwear. And if you like them, or their style or how they fit, that's fine. I'm just tired of this idea that stuff has to cost an astronomical amount or it's not worth a damn.
  9. Yeah, I like my 875s. Soles are junk, but they make a nice casual boot and I like moc-toes. If I was at the beginning of my dog's hunting career rather than closing in on the end, I'd consider getting a pair of 10877s and getting them resoled with a more aggressive tread. What I've always found amusing is guys dropping $500 to $1200 on a pair of boots so they can look like a tough brute man while they're sitting at their desk at work. They're not working construction, welding, or running a factory press. They don't farm, they don't log, they don't hunt, they don't ride a motorcycle, they may not even have a yard to take care of, but they have an expensive pair of custom boots that they hope makes them look like they do.
  10. Undo the bottom button. You're just supposed to use the middle three.
  11. If you're referring to the 877/875, they started life as an upland bird hunting boot. That means light and meant for a lot of walking, with a tread that preferably doesn't pick up a lot of mud. Guys picked up on them as a work boot later on.
  12. The guys from WH might be at Pronto's denim carnival.
  13. i wear a size 36 in the SC47 and WH 1000. The 1000 will have a little bigger waist and a little narrower leg than the SC47. I'd double check WH's measurements, but I'd expect you'd wear a 33 in the 1000.
  14. 1000 will be the corresponding WH model to go along with the other brands/models you mentioned.
  15. 1976 fit after a little bit of wear. Waistband was just not giving, so I squirted it with some water and then it stretched it by hand. This stretched it out to a more comfortable measurement that's a little closer to raw.