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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I have two pairs of 76s, both size 36X34. The NWT pair and the older pair (which I’ve worn almost daily since their last wash over a month ago) both measure right at 37”. The older pair is going on the wash now, and I expect them to be around 35.5” post wash.
  2. Warehouse

    Pretty sure those from the 15th Anniversary. IIRC, the 1105 ran small that year. They'll stretch, but less with a zipper than they would with a button fly. And looking at where the 1101s are at, and the amount of strain on their waistband, I doubt those 1105s are going to work. Sorry!
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yep, at this point the fading kinda disappears under indoor lighting, but outdoors you can see their promise of results a few more months down the line. The slub, streaking, and how they're fading reminds me a lot of the LVC 66s.
  4. Should have been a little more detailed. Not sure what the leg opening is on the LVC 44s and 47s. But, the last pair of 44s I had (size 36) were about the same in the waist as my '47s (size 38). So, forgetting what the tag says, they're the same size. Comparing the legs of the two, the 44s were noticeably more narrow through the thigh. The two were probably very similar at the ankle, but because of the slimmer thigh the '44s give more of that straight, slim, stove pipe, 40s look, like the guy in the photo.
  5. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    If you're wearing a 33" inseam without a lot of stack, then they'll be too short. My 76s with a tagged inseam of 34 shrank to 31.5 to 31.75". These have become my go to jeans since the end of the DWC. Starting to get some whiskers and thigh fading, though nothing dramatic enough for the camera to really capture. Really liking the fit and denim.
  6. Warehouse

    About what I expected measurement wise, but surprised they went with that short of an inseam. Definitely show your ankles/60s style with that fit.
  7. Nah, too tapered. Go with WH 800, LVC '44 or '47. The LVC 44's are going to give you the narrowest leg of the three. SC 47s would work, but you'd probably have to wear them as small in the waist as you can stand to get that narrower looking of a leg. You could also try one of WH's current WWII models (1003XX and 1003SXX).
  8. Warehouse

    Get a squirt bottle, fill it with water, and squirt the waist band until soaked. While wet, stretch the waistband by hand. Don't get carried away, you can pull out the waist band button. Stretch a small section at a time (inside two belt loops). Looking at how the waist band currently is (no signs of strain at the button), I bet you can stretch them out by at least an inch.
  9. Warehouse

    Looks like it's the 1001 denim (13.5 oz).
  10. Warehouse

    From the WH Tumblr page. Looks like the 1606 is relatively regular up top, like a 1001, with a strong taper below the knee.
  11. Warehouse

    Thanks guys! The banner denim takes some patience the first 200 to 300days, and then really takes off from there. You'll never get blaze white outta them without really forcing it into them, but who wants that when the denim has so much depth and character on its own?
  12. Warehouse

    I know they're not sufu 2008, but I think I'd describe the level of contrast and combs as at least "moderate". Click on picture, then click "Full size" and then zoom for max resolution on a PC. Force touch on your iPhone to get a better resolution and zoom.
  13. DWC - Final Submissions Thread

    You're right, taste is subjective and the judges have made their choice. Excluding your final submission, you posted five updates during two years, only one of which was in the final 12 months of the competition. I think what you're experiencing is guys that prefer my jeans and probably are asking themselves "who the hell is this guy?". Personally, with that low of a level of participation and updates (something that we were told from the get go would be taken into consideration come judging time), I don't know why your jeans were even considered. Is what it is. The opinions i actually care about have been positive here and on instagram, and that's sufficient for me.
  14. DWC - Final Submissions Thread

    It appears photobucket isn't going to let us share pictures anymore without paying. Mega was kind enough to permit me to reupload directly onto Sufu my first two pix from my final post, which were being hosted by photobucket. Hopefully there's no loss of resolution (I think that's why I was using photobucket to post them here). Just about all my two year's worth of updates done in my DWC forum thread were done via photobucket, so I assume none of them are visible now. I don't have the time to attempt to repost all of them.
  15. Warehouse

    Those 1001XX look old enough that they're probably made of a denim none of use are familiar with since most of our experience is with stuff made the past ten years. current line up 13.5 oz 1001 banner denim: 900, 1001, DD1001XX, 1001SXX, DD1004, DD1004XX, 1101, 1105 14.5 oz 1000XX denim: 660, 800, 1000, DD1003XX, DD1003SXX