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WINNERS ANNOUNCED : Warehouse + Signet Collab. Contest Jeans & Fading Competition


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Not that anyone was asking for it, but a comparison of my washed and tumbled TCB S40s size 32 against these Warehouse x Signet jeans size 31.

TCB / Warehouse

Waist: 15" / 15.25"

Front Rise: 13" / 11.25"

Back Rise: 17" / 14.5"

Thigh: 11.5" / 11.5"

Knee: 9" / 9"

Leg Opening: 8.25" / 8.25"

Inseam: 31" / 31.5"

So, pretty much the same leg exactly, just a dramatically different rise and top block. The lower rise, but still proper '40s rise, of the Warehouse ought to make these jeans just about perfect. Really looking forward to living in these come April 1.

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Hi everyone! This is Jason, one of Edie's partners. We are so excited for the contest to start and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone's jeans will evolve. We will be posting the monthly updates of the other non-SuFu contestants here as well. 

Thank you again for being part of this! 

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Thanks, @efujobu1! I am very happy with the fit. The OW came in at the exact specs I anticipated.


And @tpun, you're not wrong. There is always an element of brand promotion in these contests. I have no problem with that. Also, you can participate however you want, but prize eligibility is dependent on a certain level of regular participation in this particular contest. I also have no issue with that. I'm sure if you missed a month and asked forgiveness, you'd find it.

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Warehouse x Signet Fading Contest: Day 1


Hello everyone our fading contest begins today! Just as a refresher there are a few rules to follow:

•Before commencing you need to show proof that your jeans are unworn. You can do this by purchasing a newspaper marking the date or if that is not convenient you can also just bundle your pair with a timestamp (Examples for this below).

•We require participants to post at least once a month. We need 4 photos in total, 2 Flatlays Front & Back and 2 Worn Front & Back.

•Make sure your photos are taken in natural light! The photo has to be as close to the color and contrast of the jean when seen physically.

•You can share your fade progress in any of these channels:


Instagram: Using the hashtag #warehousesignetcontestjeans

Discord: Through our Discord Channel #warehouse-signet-fading-contest.  The link to the group here.


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Ok, so here we go, one pair for me and one for my partner. Mine just got soaked while wearing and hers are raw. Can’t wait to see how these turn out! I’m #76, my birth year and she’s #59 for her age. Wearing my new @Duke Mantee tribute belt with this pair too! 







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A few pics ahead of the first wash and tumble today. Lost another .5" in length as expected from factory OW. Waist and everything else came out just about the same as original spec.




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