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GBG001 contest - Indigo Veins x Göteborg Manufaktur x Denimbase


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Thanks alot for the help! 


Here comes two pics Pre wash:



And here’s from yesterday after four days of wear post wash


Sorry for the shitty lighting! Gonna try to get some better pics when the light is a bit better and some more detail pics! 

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2 hours ago, Bobbo said:

Fit looks good!

Well thank you and yeah they shrank to perfect size for me! Even the leg shrinkage is spot on, so no need for hemming either. 

God damn these jeans are amazing


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Gave my pair another wash, hot this time, and they really shrank up to exactly where I wanted them. Top block is not spot on. 

Still trying to figure out how I want to cuff them though, currently rocking some jumbo cuffs but I’ll probably experiment for a while  



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Hey Bobbo.

Reporting I am boarding. Today my pair came. Are fantastic. Just still fighting with uploading pictures. In past years i posted here only couple of times, but usually with pictures without problem. Now is not possible to upload from computer, so I am trying upload flicker URL with the same result. No upload...


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1 hour ago, maharu said:

Yeah, I think the big single cuff is the way to go with these. Went with a double today, and it just wasn't right.

I'm also hoping for a bit more of shrinkage with future washes though.. @Bobbo @beautiful_FrEaK

The inseam on mine actually shrunk quite a lot. Haven’t meassured them yet but I can post the specs post wash when I get around to it. 

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^  After one warm soak and one wash, the inseam on my size 36 shrank 2" -- from 36.5" to 34.5".  Here are all the measurements:  Raw / Post-Wash.  The Post-Wash measurements include minimal stretch, as I wore the jeans for about 15 minutes before measuring.

Size 36   Raw / Post Wash (stretched slightly)

Waist         36" / 35"

FR           13" / 12.5"

BR         16.375" /  16"

Thigh       14" /  13.25"

LO          8.675" / 8.25"

Inseam     36.5" /  34.5"

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day number 2 in

denim is really amazing. no slubby, not intended irregularities, really vintage look and feeling. even in raw there is promise of vertical falling. 

trying to compare denim of GBG 001 with rep denim of LVC. Most close it seems to me to LVC 1954 from Cone, also due to the similar weight of denim (by the way 1954 are my favourite cut). if I put them together, it works well. colour, roughness, almost all.... even cut is very, very similar. I am looking forward to see differencies in evolution process of GBG in comparison of my broken 1954....

the other 12 oz LVC are different as you can see in picture

fit pics next week, when I'll come home...



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