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  1. I had the same problem, torn between S and M and went with the M, hopefully it works out!
  2. Haha, I can give more rec's if you want, beer is just the subject I've done the most "research" on.
  3. If you're going to be in chinatown you'll be decently close to Yards brewery which is pretty cool, and I think also kinda near Monk's Cafe which is a fun beer bar to go to. I agree with nycsurfer, definitely hit up tired hands As for Austin, I'm sure Broark will tell you about these places too, but Lazarus brewing, Zilker Brewing, and Hops and grain brewing are all on the same street and are pretty fun to hit up and are also near blue owl brewing, and if you can make it out to Jester King I'd definitely recommend it. Some good beer bars to hit up are Pinthouse Pizza (two locations) solid pizza and really good beer, and Hopfields normally has a pretty awesome beer selection too, and a great burger.
  4. Made the drive from Santa Fe to Denver yesterday, took a scenic route between Santa Fe and Taos and there were some really beautiful views. Now in Denver where it has decided to start snowing but we're planning on hitting up quite a few breweries so hopefully the beer will keep me warm. Images uploaded from my phone again, sorry if the quality kind of sucks. Quick fit pic with a nice view: Indigo Fera/Velva Sheen/Samurai Made it to Colorado without hitting any wildlife Staying warm in a coffee shop this morning while it snows
  5. I mean, I think Roy's attention to detail and use of various interesting stitching techniques are his unique design details.
  6. White's and Wesco both have a selection of various sizes/leathers/shapes of false tongues, with whites having more options than wesco. https://www.wescoboots.com/builder/Accessory.aspx?id=False_Tongues_and_Inserts http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=581
  7. Actually yesterday but the only difference is today I'm not wearing a flannel. IHSH-170 Velva Sheen oatmeal pocket tee Samurai 710 Viberg natural waxed flesh Edit: Just looked at this and realised the photo quality is kinda crappy, sorry about that, uploaded it from my phone.
  8. Funny you should mention driving to Santa Fe @Cucoo my girlfriend and I just made the drive from Dallas to Santa Fe yesterday, unfortunately a couple of hours in to the drive we hit a small coyote which managed to take out a big chunk of the front bumper, dent the radiator, and cause all the coolant to leak out, and because we were in a rental we then had to wait for a tow truck to tow us back to the DFW airport where we could then get another car and start our journey again. So after setting off at around 7 yesterday morning we finally made it to Sante Fe around midnight last night Anyway here are a few pictures from the journey and just exploring Santa Fe. Finally found a good craft craft beer bar 17 hours worth of car fades Damage done by the coyote Fit pic which my girlfriend friend very kindly took of me. Iron heart/Velva Sheen/Samurai/Viberg
  9. $185 at Selfedge right now, down from $265 http://www.selfedge.com/john-lofgren-and-company?product_id=1474
  10. TCB

    Probably the slim 50's!
  11. A couple of pics of my Oni 546ZRNA with about a year of wear and around 3 washes. The secret denim fabric really is pretty cool and these have softened up so much it's incredible. I'll try and get some fit pics up soon too. Thinking about sending them to indigoproof soon to get a few holes on the cuff fixed and some wear on the front and back pockets fixed up.
  12. Thanks @dudewuttheheck! Before the soak it did feel a bit too long and it's still a little longer then I would normally wear but it's growing on me. I might give it a quick dryer spin after I wash it just to try and get as much shrink out as possible.
  13. A few photos of my Viberg natural waxed flesh service boots. These are the ones Viberg did for Superdenim/Real McCoys London on the 1035 last with the commando sole. Picked them up around the beginning of December and managed to wear them to Berlin, London, Manchester, and the back to Austin. I've tried not to baby them and really like how they've worn in so far. I've thought about picking up some flat waxed laces, I'm just concerned about how they would fit with these eyelets being a bit on the smaller side.
  14. Roy Charcoal BBQ shirt in a size M, the shirt was pretty big on me initially but after a hot soak it shrank up to a pretty good size, especially in the length. Really loving this shirt so far, looking forward to wearing it a lot when it heats up over the summer!
  15. The fabric really is amazing, I'll try and get some less blurry pics with better lighting up soon. I may also end up with the western once it comes out too. It'll be interesting to compare the fabrics of one of these with some wear and brand new one. EDIT: Added some close-up shots of the fabric!