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  1. $185 at Selfedge right now, down from $265 http://www.selfedge.com/john-lofgren-and-company?product_id=1474
  2. TCB

    Probably the slim 50's!
  3. A couple of pics of my Oni 546ZRNA with about a year of wear and around 3 washes. The secret denim fabric really is pretty cool and these have softened up so much it's incredible. I'll try and get some fit pics up soon too. Thinking about sending them to indigoproof soon to get a few holes on the cuff fixed and some wear on the front and back pockets fixed up.
  4. Thanks @dudewuttheheck! Before the soak it did feel a bit too long and it's still a little longer then I would normally wear but it's growing on me. I might give it a quick dryer spin after I wash it just to try and get as much shrink out as possible.
  5. A few photos of my Viberg natural waxed flesh service boots. These are the ones Viberg did for Superdenim/Real McCoys London on the 1035 last with the commando sole. Picked them up around the beginning of December and managed to wear them to Berlin, London, Manchester, and the back to Austin. I've tried not to baby them and really like how they've worn in so far. I've thought about picking up some flat waxed laces, I'm just concerned about how they would fit with these eyelets being a bit on the smaller side.
  6. Roy Charcoal BBQ shirt in a size M, the shirt was pretty big on me initially but after a hot soak it shrank up to a pretty good size, especially in the length. Really loving this shirt so far, looking forward to wearing it a lot when it heats up over the summer!
  7. The fabric really is amazing, I'll try and get some less blurry pics with better lighting up soon. I may also end up with the western once it comes out too. It'll be interesting to compare the fabrics of one of these with some wear and brand new one. EDIT: Added some close-up shots of the fabric!
  8. The opening on those back pockets looks way too small for them to be functional
  9. TCB

    Picked up a pretty much new TCB type 2 off grailed recently, went with a size 40 which initially felt a bit big but after a hot-ish soak it shrunk up to a pretty good size. I think I'll probably give it a hot wash soon just to make sure all the shrink is out of it. Unfortunately it's getting a bit too warm here to wear it often, other than the occasional cool evening.
  10. IHSH-170 came in last week from Burg & Schild, took a while to get over here and there was a brief moment where it was going to get returned to sender because of some address issues but I manage to pick it up in time. Really loving it so far, almost got a large but ended up going with a medium and I'm glad I did, sizing seems pretty spot on to me! Sorry about the kinda blurry pictures, still figuring out how to work the new camera!