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GBG001 contest - final photos submissions thread


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Hi guys! The contest is (almost) over!

We open a new thread for final submissions. Let's try to keep it under 10 pics total for your final entries.
I will post some of the final submission by the contestants who don't have a superfuture account.

Please keep the contest thread for comments and use this one for pics only. Thank you!
Deadline to post final submission photos is February 28th 2021.

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Hey guys! Almost time to wrap this up. Busy like hell with work right now, so I will have to upload the final entries that we've received via email later this week. Then the judging will commence. Sorry to drag this out past deadline day. 

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And we have a decision:

Congratulation @heyson on winning the GBG001 contest! And @maharu as the runner up.

1st prize for Heyson is like mentioned a brand new pair of Denimbridge jeans.

2nd prize for Maharu is a gift voucher at Goteborg Manufaktur.

Shoot me a dm and we’ll sort out how to collect the prizes.

Thanks again guys for playing. It wasn’t easy to decide the winner. Many great looking pairs of jeans! 

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Very nice job @heyson, well deserved! 

Wow, and thank you guys a lot for the runner up! :) I have really enjoyed the pants and will definitely get a new pair of denimbridge when the denim pile is a little smaller.. the fabric is among the very best I have ever tried!

Thank you @Bobbofor organizing this. It has been a very pleasant ride through the contest! Hopefully it's possible for me to visit Göteborg in a not to far future for a visit at Göteborg Manufaktur in person! 

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