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  1. maharu

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Knickerbocker mfg cap, raybans, indigofera, tender, gbg, rw
  2. Back on after a two month long break. Had to do some minor repairs, crotch and some seams. Now I feel like these won't be rotated much in the nearest future.
  3. maharu

    Leepro Appreciation

    Here are some other details. Really nice pair of pants. The back pockets are really very accesible. And I enjoy that particjlar detail a lot more than I thought, even though I rarely put stuff in there.
  4. maharu

    Leepro Appreciation

    I got a pair of SC41945 a while back and I wonder about the back pockets. Is there a story behind the stiching continuing above the pocket and forming what looks almost like an M?
  5. Lovely snoka @Bobbo! I'll post here next time I watch a game! I also had to give my pair another wash. Life with small kids really treats you with a lot of fluid surprises!
  6. maharu


    Thanks @dau! Wore the pair yesterday and must really say that the fit is great and denim is really nice. I got a pair of 800s and these fits me better. And as you said, its actually not very flashy when worn.
  7. maharu


    Thanks for the local. And yeah, they're quite quirky.
  8. maharu


    Whats the general view on the back pocket painting on Brown duck&diggers? I'm really undecided about it.
  9. Massimo! If you visit, you really should have one How did you like it here?
  10. I too have enjoyed pizza lately. You can get a real fine kebabpizza in Norrköping!
  11. Another wash down the line I'll try to spice up my posts with other stuff in the future, as some of you have. Really enjoying both my pair and watching the journey of everyone else!
  12. maharu

    Tender Co. Denim

    Got myself a tender belt. It is amazing. And thick as nothing i've had before. Love it!
  13. New slippers for christmas. Thanks to myself! Also in picture - some roping for the contest. Happy holidays!
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