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    Just got myself a pair of 800. Quite a different feel from my orslow 107.. They are now in the bath, I just hope they will shrink in the right places. http://imgur.com/gallery/9WKqwfD
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    107s are really versatile. Love them!
  3. Thanks for all replies. I agree with jacket pockets as a first choice. But more often than not I tend to want to also wanna bring the glasses case with a cloth and prescription sun glasses. Anyone ventured the small bag/murse? What would work for a denimhead?
  4. Hi! This will be my first post. But it is important nonetheless! How do you guys carry your everyday stuff, like wallet, mobile phone, keys etc.?? I don't like my pretty and expensive japanese premium pants getting a phone fade! When i commute i always have a backpack, sandqvist peter. Great bag! But for the occasions i only need what i can fit in my pockets i don't have a great alternative. What's the solution? Thanks for a great forum! Edit - not a big fan of fanny packs