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  1. Another wash down the line I'll try to spice up my posts with other stuff in the future, as some of you have. Really enjoying both my pair and watching the journey of everyone else!
  2. maharu

    Tender Co. Denim

    Got myself a tender belt. It is amazing. And thick as nothing i've had before. Love it!
  3. New slippers for christmas. Thanks to myself! Also in picture - some roping for the contest. Happy holidays!
  4. maharu

    New Contest Suggestions

  5. maharu


    That's a nice shirt!
  6. Showing some beginning evo in a dim livingroom a rainy november evening a couple of days ago. Nice to see everyones pictures!
  7. maharu

    New Contest Suggestions

    Id be interested in tender, after the gbg contest
  8. Denim and newborn from about two weeks ago. Second pic shows current status of back left leg crinkles, after yet another wash. Lets see what a second kid will do to me (and the way my pants will fade)
  9. maharu


    Exactly my impression. I even prefer 105 for the regular blue denim, for the fuller fit. What size do you take in your sugar canes compared to orslow? @SuperJackle
  10. Only in jeans pockets when I can't put it anywhere else, like a jacket pocket or a bag. At home I usually have in my hand when taking it with me, otherwise it's on some furniture. Have had phone blowouts and really ugly fades.. Yours are much more subtle @Spiraltoy and looks better than what i hope to avoid.. Not having the phone in my jeans all the time also means that I don't use it as much, which definitely is a good thing
  11. Happy that they found their way to you at last. Looking good!
  12. Thanks @beautiful_FrEaK Mine looks about the same. I was a bit curious, since one sample pair looked to have a really tight selvedge outseam - like almoste white/white without the normal blue in between.
  13. @BroarkLooking nice there! Also, can't wait to try some new beer in a couple of weeks. On stand by for second kid any time now, so no beers for me!
  14. maharu


    @Broarkthe black selvedge is from a couple of years ago. The newer release is without it as far as I know. You'll be happy with 105, one of my favourite fits!
  15. maharu


    Got my hands on a pair of black 107s with selvedge recently. Havent worn them yet, but they will definitely see some wear. They fit just a little bit bigger overall than my regular 107s, which is awesome. With just a little bit more of space in the thighs the fit would be perfect!(been spoiling myself with thigh room lately..) But could easily see them stretch a bit.. The fabric feels really nice, like expected from orslow. Might be the pair of black selvedge denim I've been looking for for years! Snapped some pics. Cheers!
  16. @vIGGiou riou i don't think i wash that often. Will be around once a month. But I do think these will look different than the other pairs I worn, maybe quite light an low contrast. I would really not mind that though! I wash them together with the other wash. 30, 40 or 60 C, it doesn't matter I put them in the wash er with what else needs to be washed and won't get harmed with a pair of pretty new denim. And initially I gave them a really hot spin! No secrets really @Bobbo haha, I find new crinkles I never saw before every time I look at them @Bobbo
  17. Gave my pair another wash this weekend, the third one in total. And the crinklefest continues! May even need to iron the fly.. As other already noted, they don't fade very fast. Basically no visible fading, except on the center back belt loop and the fly..
  18. Nice write up! I would say smooth rivets > hair on hide though But that is nitpicking, love my pair!