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  1. Another wash down the line I'll try to spice up my posts with other stuff in the future, as some of you have. Really enjoying both my pair and watching the journey of everyone else!
  2. maharu

    Tender Co. Denim

    Got myself a tender belt. It is amazing. And thick as nothing i've had before. Love it!
  3. New slippers for christmas. Thanks to myself! Also in picture - some roping for the contest. Happy holidays!
  4. maharu

    New Contest Suggestions

  5. maharu


    That's a nice shirt!
  6. Showing some beginning evo in a dim livingroom a rainy november evening a couple of days ago. Nice to see everyones pictures!
  7. maharu

    New Contest Suggestions

    Id be interested in tender, after the gbg contest
  8. Denim and newborn from about two weeks ago. Second pic shows current status of back left leg crinkles, after yet another wash. Lets see what a second kid will do to me (and the way my pants will fade)
  9. maharu


    Exactly my impression. I even prefer 105 for the regular blue denim, for the fuller fit. What size do you take in your sugar canes compared to orslow? @SuperJackle
  10. Only in jeans pockets when I can't put it anywhere else, like a jacket pocket or a bag. At home I usually have in my hand when taking it with me, otherwise it's on some furniture. Have had phone blowouts and really ugly fades.. Yours are much more subtle @Spiraltoy and looks better than what i hope to avoid.. Not having the phone in my jeans all the time also means that I don't use it as much, which definitely is a good thing
  11. Happy that they found their way to you at last. Looking good!