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  1. ALB

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Yup, there's usually at least one item I get from each season (Swingstar looking real good). I also like how they keep stuff from previous seasons in rotation so even if you missed out or only just got into Stevenson you always have a chance to get an item albeit in a different fabric maybe. Speaking of which I really hope they do a moleskin deputy again. The slight sheen of moleskin, from pics anyway, looks like a perfect match in this model. All that said, I'm not sure how to feel about the Stevenson text is emblazoned in some of the shirts/outerwear. Saw the imperial jeans last F/W but it seems no one picked it up? I'm mighty mighty intrigued since it says "regular" waist and I'm curious to see how it fits in comparison to other models.
  2. ALB

    The Flat Head

    Anyone know why SE's Delraiser has zippers in the back instead of buckles? Stylistic change or some kind of historical reference?
  3. Branded or no branded. Doesn't matter with me just looking for something a bit more thicker than say Rei's long johns. Looking into both helly and woolpower.
  4. Anyone know any thermal long johns like Left Field's? All others I've seen seem rather thin but I'm looking for one that's a bit more substantial (like Left Field).
  5. ALB

    Stevenson Overall Company

    @kiya Were you able to handle that "imperial 110" fit? Seems like it could be another possible straight-ish taper fit similar to the 714 but with a "regular fit" at the waist.
  6. ALB

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    Quit old job, got new job, quit that job, and went back to old job. Lots of washes and wears. A little dirty in front but tis the job.