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  1. ALB

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Thoughts on the Lofgren tanker boots? Unsurprisingly nice looking (to me anyway) and expensive. Not sure about the shaft height and the buckle system though. It seems like the shaft collapses onto itself a little too much.
  2. Was moving those big rolls of roof material and one of them nicked me right in that spot.
  3. Was in the portland/woodland area for four days for a wedding for New Years. I really enjoyed my time there. The woodsy, rainy, overcast environment is really my jam. A little visit to my uncle somewhere in Vancouver, WA. Nice and cozy neighborhood. Woodlands area where there was a insanely curvy road leading to our destination for the ceremony. Fit pic Freeman jacket Boncoura shirt Contest Jeans Downtown Portland area. I wasn't able to really taste the local foodsy stuff except for Kim Jong Smokehouse (pork bun; twas good if a little overpriced) and some other place down in N Williams Ave which was terrible. Wish I was able to get something from the many food carts I saw. SEPDX. Wasn't open as we were too early. Hot pot somewhere outside Portland. Chicken Feet Wedding Day. Suit from Proper Cloth. Like it for the most part. Design needs some work (e.g. less of a high gorge and lower button stance) so hoping they give us those those options later on. I probably could have also make the suit a little longer and let the waist out just a bit but again I like it enough. Jeans now
  4. Anyone know of a similar sweater to this with the buttons? I preferably want something without a logo. https://www.aimeleondore.com/products/fisherman-knit-sweater-3?variant=30108315680865
  5. ALB

    Show us your leather

    My simple corter wallet over the years.
  6. Broark got great pics of it pre and post wash so won't bother trying to get good pics. Denim is super crinkly after wash and I'm loving the heck out of it.
  7. Wew. I see the short sleeve glory park is already sold out in certain sizes.
  8. ALB

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    In with a size 35. Also asked about the signage but nothing I'm holding anyone to anything.
  9. ALB

    Interest check: Denimbridge contest

    Hey @Bobbo Sorry to bother you with a sizing question but would you mind posting your waist measurement now that it's stretched out a bit. Just want to be completely sure since I'm in between sizes. I appreciate it.
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