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GBG001 contest - Indigo Veins x Göteborg Manufaktur x Denimbase

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Time to officially kick off the contest now that the jeans have reached at least some of you!

Fabric: A14 oz denim with a very light pink selvedge-ID made by a blend of US cotton. It was made to capture the essence of vintage Cone and I'd say it turned out very well. It starts out flat and uniform before it hits water, then it crocks like crazy. Should get some nice vertical falling. The fabric is made exclusively for Denimbridge by Yamaashi mill in Okayama on a Toyoda shuttleloom. According to Shingo it's a small factory which is an important factor for both Shingo and us in this project.

If you want to see a little of how the fabric ages Shingo has started using it for his latest Denimbridge cut. http://denimba.com/denimbase/2018/11/03/23478 

You can read more about the jeans on my blog indigoveins.com and also a piece on the guys behind the jeans.

The contest length: The contest will run until January 31th. After that you will all have until February 28th to post the final pics.

The prizes: The winner will win a pair of Denimbridge jeans, sponsored by Denimbridge, and the runner-up gets a €200 voucher from Göteborg Manufaktur.

The jury: A jury of 5 will judge the contest winner: Shingo-san, Kuniyoshi-san, Jonas and Olof that runs Gbg Mfg and myself.

Participants (Let me know if I missed someone, not all added yet from the Instagram community):











vIGGiou riou
















Some pictures:








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Just for clarification, the mail from Göteborg Manufaktur said 200€ store credit? 

Now I want to see pics in wait for my own pair! 

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Tasty! Looks like the final top button turned out pretty well too. Havn't seen that one myself, haha.

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Thanks for the picture dump! Can't wait to get my pair :)

the back pockets seem to be pretty high positioned?!

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1 hour ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

the back pockets seem to be pretty high positioned?!

I actually don't find them too high now that they're on, but the do look high in photos. 
By comparison I find the pockets on my SOC 737's to be too low...

Also these shrink quite a bit, I'm glad I sized up. They do seem to stretch pretty easily.
Measurements after one warm wash and spin (top load washer so lots of agitation) and not yet tried on so no stretching whatsoever:
Waist: 34 in.
Front rise: 12 in.
Back rise: 16 in.
Thigh: 13.5 in.
Knee: 9.5 in.
Hem: 8.25 in.
Inseam: 32 in. (Props to Shingo, I asked for 32 post wash and these are 32 on the dot!)

Fit pics to come. :ph34r:

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@Broark from the other thread, thanks for the measurements! And damn yeah the wiast shrunk a ton but it seems they stretch easily so should be solid. The measurements look great though! 

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Broark got great pics of it pre and post wash so won't bother trying to get good pics. Denim is super crinkly after wash and I'm loving the heck out of it. 







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First pic is of me wearing them before a soak, 2nd is post soak after hosing myself down with the garden hose, then, letting them hang out with my TCB 20s contest jeans and drying a bit more, lastly my girlfriend stole them. They look better on her anyway. I’ll see if I can get another pair for myself.





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Only exceeded when we Europeans will get our pairs ;) 

But since I just got a mail, this can't take too long anymore

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I got the shipping details about an hour ago! :D

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I just got my pair and they are in the wash. I was a bit hesitant to wash them because the waist might be to small but what the hell I will try to stretch them haha. 

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You should be okay, my pair shrank quite a lot in the waist and after a couple of days of wear they’ve stretched out comfortably. I’ll snap a fit pic today.

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I hope so :) I measured the waist on my size 35 when they were still wet and a post wash (40°C) they measured 33. 

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They fit! :)

Sloppy taken measurements on my size 35 after 40°C wash and dry.

Waist 42cm
Thigh 33cm
Legopening 19,8cm
Inseam 84cm 
Front rise 31cm
Back rise 39cm

I kind a regret that I didn't hem them directly but I may do it later instead

Fit pics later today or tomorrow

Edited by tigerstrom

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Thanks for the measurements! They look very promising for my size 35. But I will find out on Friday I guess :)

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