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GBG001 contest - Indigo Veins x Göteborg Manufaktur x Denimbase


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Took the advantage of me being in the North to go to one of the bigger cities some people outside of Germany might now...Bremen

Northern Germany's version of sustainable energy : biogas and windmills 


The mascots of Bremen


When here, drinking the local beer (it's really not so good but I was raised with it ;) )


Went to a store called Four Aces, they have some nice brands


And left with 2 t-shirts 


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Hi guys! I've been absent for a couple of weeks because of hospital visits. I have some problems with one of my eyes which the doctors can't seem to solve :/ 


The jeans are amazing but I have nowhere near the roping as @beautiful_FrEaK;) I will wash them in a couple of days and will try to update with more pictures! 

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I have to say, I am very happy with the jeans. I was a little skeptical before I bought them. I didn't feel good from the first chart published by Bobbo, especially the narrow hem and rise seemed to me too low. I was also worried that denim would be too much japanese fast fader. So, I was waiting for to have them in the hands and on my legs to decide, if I'll join contest, or no. But now I see that everything is different. Fit is absolutely comfortable and denim looks really like vintage durable denim :rolleyes:

Just want to follow up our discussion with @beautiful_FrEaK about similarities with LVC. I was never wore sixties cut, even I own one pair of 1966 LVC 8 years still with tags. Yeah, they are in the queue for to be brake in. Still not.... but I tried them yesterday (as also the other years cut of LVC) and fit is quite similar and fit pics from LVC thread seems to me also close. But maybe I could be completely out ..... Any opinion ?

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Maharu, I like your experiment to wash them as much as possible. Never tried. I am curious for to see the result after one year. Maybe beautiful light blue. Think, that could be my next project....

what temperature for to wash ?

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@vIGGiou riou i don't think i wash that often. Will be around once a month. But I do think these will look different than the other pairs I worn, maybe quite light an low contrast. I would really not mind that though!

I wash them together with the other wash. 30, 40 or 60 C, it doesn't matter I put them in the wash er with what else needs to be washed and won't get harmed with a pair of pretty new denim. And initially I gave them a really hot spin! No secrets really :)

@Bobbo haha, I find new crinkles I never saw before every time I look at them :D


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