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GBG001 contest - Indigo Veins x Göteborg Manufaktur x Denimbase


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Thanks! Yes I'm really happy with this fir and the cut in general. All my fears of the size 35 being too small are gone :) I really think they made a great pattern here. Altough it's based on the Ooe 02 model, I think the GBG001 fits much better on my body. The back rise of the 02 is longer, resulting in too much fabric and making a loose fit in the back and backside of the thighs.


Is it confirmed now how many participants we are and where everyone comes from? :)


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3 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Is it confirmed now how many participants we are and where everyone comes from? :)


Not entirely confirmed! Around 70 pairs have been sold. Amongst them, 28 in Japan. We've urged everyone to join in on the fun, but it's hard to tell who will and who won't.

I'm gonna sort out a list of those we know will join in the coming days but for now I think #gbg001contest on Instagram is the safest bet to follow outside of the Sufu-community.

Edit: We've sent jeans to loads of places though: Japan, South Korea, Russia, Germany, USA, Denmark and Sweden from the top of my head.

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Fantastic review b_F -- thanks for taking the time to do this.  I'm amazed at the attention you pay to each detail, some of which I can barely discern due to a little colorblindness ;-)

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Just about three weeks in, worn every day.  Seeing some early signs of vertical falling.
Also added some photos of cars I've spotted, beers I've been drinking and some food I've been eating.
Crazy 911 Turbo at the dealership, the COO of my company's Lambo and a McClaren spotted yesterday.
And just to show you how dedicated I am to wearing these jeans, this is how hot it was when I got in my car last week. :wacko2:

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My pair arrived! Only took like 4 days so I am impressed. Unforuntely... I might be cutting it close on fit. Definetly a little tighter than I was anticipating but might be able to squeeze by with a cold soak.



EDIT: Anyone have any luck going back raw size in waist? In feel they fit great (or will after wash) pretty much everywhere but the waist is a little tight pre soak so am super hesitant. 

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thread looks quiet last days. so maybe I can revive a little and share 13 days of wear impressions....

I got my pair 14th August, but due to the high temperature in my corner of Europe I omitted couple of days in shorts. I wear my pair raw and tell the truth there is not so much to see in 13 days. yes, combs, wrinkles, puckers are starting to form but all is about time. I don't know if somebody noticed, the denim has in certain light violet hue. it's really very interesting. 

denim is still very stiff and in hot days very very heavy. in my case even doesn't bread as raw... but I enjoy little bit still not soaked buggy fit.

 I don't think denim is close to LVC 1947 as @beautiful_FrEaK wrote, but possible I am wrong. I remember to wear 47 raw and I had paper feeling of 12 oz denim. maybe structure and flatness of raw denim is very similar. but not in heaviness. can imagine GBG will have after wash 15-16 oz...

and now some boring pictures after 13 days of wear 



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@vIGGiou riou It was just talking about the texture and look of the denim, not the feel when worn. The LVC denim is 12oz whereas this DB19 denim is 14oz and just more rigid. Do you plan to soak/wash them or do you want to wear them raw for a longer time? :)


I feel this roping will get crazy

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really nice and fast roping @beautiful_FrEaK if I count well, you wear them around 3 weeks ?

to tell the truth, I have no plan. just will wear them as I was kid and in teens years, when I jump to new raws and washed them when they became dirty/smelly. and it came at those times quite fast. now I wear them as 80-90 % of other members of super denim community. sitting in front of comp, driving car, motorbike, walking, some work around the house and in the garden.... never more to be teen again :mellow: so, I can estimate first soak/wash in 2-6 months

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