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GBG001 contest - Indigo Veins x Göteborg Manufaktur x Denimbase


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  • 4 weeks later...

Everyone's jeans are looking great! I put my pair on last week and they're just too slim for my tastes these days unfortunately. :(
If anyone is interested in a size 38 for cheap DM me. Best of luck to everyone who put in the time on these jeans!

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Hello gents!

Only a few days left now of the contest so it's about time to tell you more about how the finale will go down. Just like the TCB 20's contest there will be a dedicated thread for final submissions. I will open it up at the start of February and you will all have until February 28th to post your final pictures.

Try to keep it to max 10 pics for your submission.

I will be posting the submissions for the contestants that don't have an account here on Sufu.

The jury decides
Like mentioned at the start of the contest we will have 5 judges that each will choose their top 3. We will then accumulate the points to decide the outcome. 
The jury will be Shingo-san, Kuniyoshi-san, Olof and Jonas from Göteborg Manufaktur and myself.

We're all very excited to see the end result of these past 18 months. Hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as we have!

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All the final entries are finally posted. Some fierce competition for the top spot! 

It's been so nice to see how the jeans have turned out. Hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have.

So what's next? Me, Jonas, Olof, Shingo and Kuniyoshi will now decide which pairs we think turned out the best. Will get back to you when we have a result.

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