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Interest check: Denimbridge contest


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Two pairs delivered today.  Beautiful jeans -- nicely sewn, substantial, and a nice grayish color.  The 35 is likely to be too small in the waist for me, but the 36 should be perfect.

Below are raw measurements, BIG style.  I'm guessing the slightly under tag size waist measurement on my 35 is due to button placement (it's a little farther from the edge than on the 36).  So mine are essentially starting out at tag size in the waist, with shrinkage and stretch from there.

Size            35 / 36

Waist      34.75 / 36.0"

FR         12.5 / 13.0"

BR          16.25 / 16.375"

Thigh      13.75 / 14.0"

Knee        9.5 / 9.75"

LO            8.25 / 8.675"

Inseam     36.25 / 36.5"

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That 36” waist on a size 35 is encouraging Bobbo.  Looking back in the thread, I see your post-wash waist measurement was only 42cm or 33”, so they’ve stretched out a full 3” with wear.  Overall, it looks like these shrink a lot, but then stretch back a lot. Given how much stretch that is, let me know if that all makes sense and you agree!

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Another eagle has landed here too!  Got them on and loving all the details.

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