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  1. Babaron


    Not going to be home for the big part of today but will get to it as fast as I can.
  2. Babaron


    Yeah I have them in a 31 waist. Or the lot 900xx ones.
  3. Babaron


    Thought I would share my collection of Leon raglans from Indigofera. I think these are what I wear the most of all the stuff in my wardrobe. I’ll post the shirts I own sometime soon. Hope you all have a nice weekend!
  4. Babaron

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Fint skare va! I'm from Vara originally so have spent a lot of time in Vänerns Pärla. No probs about the rep!
  5. Babaron

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    @Spiraltoy Good ol' Lich!!!
  6. Haven’t posted here in a while but after washing the jeans for the fourth time I thought it was time to show how they have evolved for me. I would say that I wear them at least 4 times a week but I’m quite a skinny guy so in comparison they haven’t quite come as far as some of the other pairs here but I really think that they are a great pair and the denim is something else. Sorry for the stripes on some of the pics. I think my iphone might have been a bit shocked by the light.
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