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  1. Babaron


    Not going to be home for the big part of today but will get to it as fast as I can.
  2. Babaron


    Yeah I have them in a 31 waist. Or the lot 900xx ones.
  3. Babaron


    Thought I would share my collection of Leon raglans from Indigofera. I think these are what I wear the most of all the stuff in my wardrobe. I’ll post the shirts I own sometime soon. Hope you all have a nice weekend!
  4. Babaron

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    Fint skare va! I'm from Vara originally so have spent a lot of time in Vänerns Pärla. No probs about the rep!
  5. Babaron

    Show Us Around Your Neighbourhood

    @Spiraltoy Good ol' Lich!!!
  6. Haven’t posted here in a while but after washing the jeans for the fourth time I thought it was time to show how they have evolved for me. I would say that I wear them at least 4 times a week but I’m quite a skinny guy so in comparison they haven’t quite come as far as some of the other pairs here but I really think that they are a great pair and the denim is something else. Sorry for the stripes on some of the pics. I think my iphone might have been a bit shocked by the light.
  7. @UkeNo Me and my girlfriend live in a condo. So two times a year, spring and autumn all who have condos in the same neighborhood gather and clean the yard and then eat hot dogs. Quite a good way to get to know your neighbors since swedes generally (or at least me) don't really like to talk to people they don't know.
  8. Well we had autumn cleaning in my neighborhood today so my dear gbg001 had to do some real work for once
  9. Here’s a crappy pic from the bathroom of my job! 7-8 weeks in!
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