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    66 type jeans

    I've heard about the TCB taper and might be a problem with being too wide. The stockist in Sweden doesn't carry the 60s. Where do you usually get Yofokuten? Everything seemes to be sold out on their website
  2. Newman

    66 type jeans

    Bumping an old thread. Which is the best 66 models nowadays? I've tried the Resolute but they are too tight in the thigh which forces me to size up in waist, which makes it too roomy in the waist. Would TCB be a better option. Is there any new 66 models that are interesting nowadays?
  3. Newman

    Sprogs, nippers, bambinos: pint-sized denim

    Let us know when we can order, got a 4 month old son. So looking for his first denim to wear at the 1 year mark
  4. Newman


    I've sent you a PM
  5. Newman


    Curious to try TCB but I'm currently on a budget. Anyone selling a 2nd hand pair of any of their cuts? I'm true 88cm in waist.
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