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  1. she should know that it's not in violation with the laws in Japan where the jeans were made (and bought)...
  2. From the initial pictures the notches weren't that prominent - the follow-up pictures indicate that the notches are part of the design or added later to the patch. possibly for a stacking and separating device that feeds an automated patch setting machine.
  3. I don't think these are notches placed there on purpose - the patches might have been damaged during storage, transport or assembly... if the patch has been attached with a fully automated machine it is possible that the separating/sorting device can damage a patch.
  4. tough time everybody... buying a house in Scotland later this month - TCB can wait.
  5. TCB

    in the name of research and science - go for it!
  6. Too much taper...
  7. from neat to f***ed up to nearly gone...nice!
  8. this Clarks model (or a very similar one) was popular a decade ago - also a have a pair or two stuffed away somewhere...
  9. looks fine - I wouldn't recommend sizing down, just cuff the sleeves (if you like)...
  10. shoulders and sleeves look big - how much room do you have around the chest and waist? can you close it?
  11. Crotch rivet The crotch rivet is nicely corroding while the denim is still hairy. Back Back top Too early - let's see what the next 90 days might bring...
  12. My WH DD-1004XX are approaching their 90 days without any additional soaks/washes other than the first 2 initial hot soaks/machine washes w/o detergents in order to deal with shrinkage issues. The plan is to go for 200 days before starting regular washing - if hygiene allows and not knowing how the upcoming TCB pair will get in the way... Front The darker pictures are pretty much true to colour. Legs/Hems Roping is not overly pronounced due to the lack of washing.
  13. TCB

    I've seen him play big and small flutes...
  14. TCB

    his case is special - he's a musician and given his instrument of choice it actually could be seen as more of a handicap...
  15. ...getting close to McD - I hope they won't be suing...