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  1. my order seems to be stuck in the Russian postal sytem (nothing out of the ordinary) - got to hunt it down now...
  2. Good luck - seems like you got your work cut out for you... (I guess we all have been there, or close to it.)
  3. I didn't consider @volvo240thebest's comments as peer pressure. actually, deducting style points in a 1920's contest for skipping the extra buttons - now that's pressure...
  4. the cat ear concept would need refinement to be really appealing - while running the risk to come across like and inverted Edwin or a Mister Freedom variation. cat wiskers might be similar to Nudies. cat ears & cat whiskers seem like too much at once...
  5. Milt(on) Mabie = MILT
  6. sad.
  7. L84cm (after washing) will allow for a nice cuff...
  8. sizing, sizing, sizing... I took a quick minute to look at the online meaurements for the 50's & 60's cut while memorizing my sizing & fit experiences with the pairs I own: I own the 50's cut in W32 and W33 and the 60's cut in W32 - W32 being the size of preference for both pairs - TCB indicates a 82cm waist washed. In both cases the denim stretched comfortable 2-4cm and would probably allow for another 1-2cm easily. Looking at the size chart for the 20's it seems that a W32 would fit a little tighter, but could probably be stretched. This was also my experience with the sample/World Tour pair: slightly tighter but stretchable if going for the same size. Since it is supposed to be a cut with a 1920's flair I will go up one size to a W33 - this way the cinch and the suspender buttons might come into play. Hi @volvo240thebest - please update the list with my size...
  9. Chups are doing wool socks - just sayin'...
  10. oops - wrong's the right one by garsag: Some more insight into Livid jeans' commitment to transparency: Also including a 15 minute long video that is worth a watch! ... Love the way they do things - wish I could support them more, but tapered jeans and tiny shirt collars are not for me...
  11. great authentic fit in the top block - nice & clean!
  12. out of curiosity - what are the current measurements?
  13. Right, can't see the side seam in the upper hip section means he has pulled everything into the front with his hands being in the front pockets. I doubt that the pants actually hold up without his hands...I assume this is a photo shoot showcasing a vintage pair, far too expensive/valuable to actually been worn.
  14. another nice feature piece on a key contributor...keep it coming!
  15. just to make sure: the shirt is washed, little to no further shrinkage expected?