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  1. Foxy2

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Pretty standard, ‘modern’ assembly method for jeans. the front panels and back panels are pre-assembled at the fly front and back crotch separately so that you end up with 2 bigger pieces for the final assembly. This allows for good handling of the back yokes or the the front pockets and fly front details. the final assembly starts with the inseam from one hem to the other hem with a free-arm or arm-down 2/3 needle felled seam chain stitch machine - as a consequence the crotch seams between front part and back part don’t always align perfectly. Sometimes this can be deliberate for heavier denim as the number of folded layers of denim are tricky to sew over cleanly. The bar tack on top of this tricky area ‘bolts’ it down and gives extra strength. with the front and back panels joint at the inseam to a single piece, the last bit of the final assembly is to chain stitch the outer seam and ironing the seams apart flat. the very last part work is then hemming and waist belt assembly with belt loops attaching, bar tacking, etc.
  2. Foxy2

    Superdenim community sale thread

    please be patient - it might take a day or two to add pics and measurements...
  3. Foxy2

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Tops PBJ Hoodie Size 3 Studio D’Artisan Hoodie Size Small Lined Hoodie Size Medium Lined Belts Iron Heart Natural, lightly worn Need to check size… Samurai Size 34 Heavy Waistcoats Nigel Cabourn Size 50 Linen & Harris Tweed Shoes & Boots Sorel Maverick Brown US 8 New, Never Worn with box - Definitely bigger than my go to Tricker’s UK 7 Palladium & Mister Freedom Pallademin US 7 New, Never Worn with box - Definitely smaller than my go to Tricker’s UK 7 Tricker’s Chelsea Caffe Suede UK 7 New , Never Worn with box, no shoe trees - due to last bigger than my go to Tricker’s UK 7 Derby on M3616 last in Orange Cordovan (Italian Horse Hide) UK 6 1/2 Lightly Worn with box, with shoe trees - half a size too small for me Tricker’s Custom Order Tweed on Dainite sole UK 7 1/2 Fitting 5 Never worn outside with shoe trees, no box - half a size too big for me Alden Cordovan (US Horween Horse Hide) boots US 6 1/2 Lightly worn with shoe trees (not Alden), no box - too small for me Viberg Cordovan (US Horween Horse Hide) boots CAN 7 Converted from stitch-down to Goodyear-welted with Cat’s Paw soles & heel by Brian Truong/RoleClub (US), pair 11 of 16, with shoe trees, no box - too small after conversion Adidas Jeans 1979 Suede US 8 Worn - too small for me
  4. Foxy2

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Denim Jackets The Flat Head 6003W W 44 Never worn Full Count & Co #3116 L40 Natural Indigo, bought at Yahoo.jp, looks pre-washed but not used Fullcount Lee Type Size 2 Sample?, small size, short, washed but not used Warehouse & Co #2001 W 38 Linen/Cotton Boxy Shirts The Flat Head & RJB RJB - Steady Blue S42 DS105L Western shirt, chambray, snap button, slim cut, sizing almost ok but neck hole is a bit off, washed but not ironed, amazing fabric (soft) The Flat Head Flannel Shirt S42 Work shirt cut New, never worn The Flat Head S40 Western Shirt, snap buttons, no care labels, wabash fabric, slim cut The Flat Head S40 Western Shirt, snap buttons, never worn, slim cut Iron Heart/Triple Works Triple Works Size Medium Work Shirt Iron Heart Size Medium Work Shirt in 3 colours (red, black, green), selvedge, Warehouse Co. Warehouse/Duck Digger Size 38 Chambray, Work Shirt Warehouse Oxford Sample - no size (small to medium/38?) Button down Warehouse Oxford Size 38 Button down Warehouse/Dubble Works Size M Button down Studio D’Artisan #5435 Size L Button down in white & blue #5333A Size M Heavy chambray, work shirt Fullcount Full Count Size 38 Button down, heavy chambray Fullcount Size 40 #4814 Button down, heavy chambray Fullcount S 40 #4858 Button down Mister Freedom Size Medium Work shirt Size Medium & Size Large Work shirt Size Large worn & one button missing Size Medium lightly worn TCB Western Shirt Size L??? In chambray & denim Snap buttons PBJ Western Shirt Size 2 Selvedge details, snap buttons Sugar Cane SC26871 Size Large Work shirt
  5. Foxy2

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Finally got to clean out! I will post as list and slowly update with pictures and measurements. most of the stuff has been stored away for couple of years after being washed. lots of trades or bought at yahoo.jp auction - some were bought new. prices are negotiable. will wash before shipping out upon request. Shipping to Europe and UK no problem.... Jeans Conners Sewing Factory S409XXX M-46 W34 1946 second Half (2017), 'new denim' Bought used, inseam 75cm, lightly worn, washed S409XXX M-WWII W34 San Francisco (2016), 'WWII denim' bought washed, not worn, will stretch waist 41cm (82cm circumference) straight aligned, no tension, will stretch out with wear inseam 85-86cm Fullcount 1331 W32 Persimmon, xx01 or xx05 cut Kapital Century Denim Cisco 5P W32 Persimmon Washed, worn Kicking Mule Workshop 1950 AI W31 Rope dyed, natural indigo, washed, not worn Pure Blue Japan PBJ*Lightning W33 Sample in sample denim, maybe XX-005 or slimmer, washed, not worn XX-007 W32 deep indigo (over dyed) Washed not worn, relatively “non-slubby” lot... Real Japan Blues D002 W33 Samurai S510AI-OGSP W31 Natural Indigo, washed, inseam 81cm, minimal wear, button whole ripped and has been re-sewn in HK by Take5 S711VX W32 Inseam 80cm, washed, shortened, not worn S0510CO W32 Lot 11, corduroy, old sizing small, hemmed with lock stitch, inseam 89cm, bought used Stevenson Overall Co Lot 737-RXX Size 31 Lot 747-OSC Size 31 Lot 767-RXX Size 30 Story River Denim Jeans W32 NI x NI Jeans W32 Strike Gold SG5105 W33 Washed, not worn The Stronghold Back Cinch W30 Studio D’Artisan SP-006 W33 122/220 30th Anniversary D1673 W32 039/100 Natural Indigo???, washed D1677 W33 084/100 Natural Indigo, washed Sugar Cane SC40105A W31 Worn this model uses a canvas/duck fabric (not denim twill) with selvedge SC40301 W31 Black/Grey, washed and SC40301 W34 Green, washed and SC40301 W31 Persimmon, washed Tender Co. Type 132 W32 Warehouse Company Lot 1001XX W31 1997 WH flagship store edition, washed, not worn Lee x Warehouse 101B 1930 Cowboy W28 New
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342