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  1. I'm in the same boat - I just buy another pair in a bigger size...
  2. most likely not cut from selvedge denim...
  3. more likely 3001 - 3005 would be wider & straighter...
  4. i think there are not enough sales to make this viable - most of the other brands operate a similar scheme: regular releases of standard jeans (1-2 drops per year) and as-needed releases for jackets...
  5. Nice! Looking forward...
  6. i think ryan was asking about the denim series of the jeans...
  7. Nogami-San will be @DC4 in Berlin this Saturday (14.00-22.00) - see you...
  8. over the course of the last 2 years - very infrequent wear, maybe close to a full year in total... a couple of soaks/machine soaks - 1st proper wash with detergents to come. SDA OKI-515 - 103 cut, standard denim, sewn by Double Volante.
  9. The 103's are an amazing pair if you look for a modern, tight but straight cut. The denim can be rewarding if you size right and have the patience to wait for the evo and the fades. The denim is solid and tighty woven - it does not stretch much nor does it forgive much. overall I would say it's not a "beginner's" jeans.
  10. some of their designs are based on vintage shirts and can result in wide chest measurements and shorter sleeve length. also, the actual fabric shrinkage might have turned out differently than expected. in the end you have the choice between a period correct fit or sizing to accomplish a more "morder" fit - which can be tricky and produce mixed results... anyhow, your shirt looks good!
  11. got a pair one size smaller - much better! DD-1004XX 1922 version
  12. that last part is something that I quite often run into in my actual job: the risk and cost of local production. it's nice to have local manufacturers, but the reality is that quality raw materials are not always readily available and might need to be imported or come with delays at higher costs. often smaller local manufacturers can be inflexible on minimums and unreliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. inconsistent quality can lead to higher costs, more defect goods and lower output. these are valid concerns for growing brands - same of higher production cost in, say, Portugal combined with additional import costs meet more flexibilty on minimum volumes, on-time deliveries, better product quailty, easier/more professional communication/sampling, more flexibility on re-orders, less b-grades/defect goods - this might just turn out more cost efficient than trying to keep it local. there are lots of aspect that contribute to the overall sourcing decission and total cost. last not least, brands might want to grow (more) in oversea markets vs. domestic market growth. a tough, saturated American market can mean a slim margin vs. a more comfortable margin in Europe or Japan/Asia.
  13. unless they going to make it as straight cut I'm sticking with the sweat & tee!
  14. no, it's supply, quality, ethics and cost. depending on who you are (brand or consumer, small(er) brand or big brand) the sequence changes...but cost almost never comes first.
  15. essentially, isn't that the whole dilemma - ethical, expensive, but potentially inferior/inconsitent product/supply vs, un-ethical, cheap and consitent product/supply?