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  1. TCB

    Just for fun - both pairs straight out of hot wash and dry Quick iPhone shots. I'll do some real ones eventually. LVC 1955 - 34x36 Waist - 16.5" Front Rise - 11.75" Back Rise - 15.5" Thigh - 12.25" knee - 9.25" hem - 8.25" TCB 50s contest jeans 34x36 Waist - 15.75" Front Rise - 11.25" Back Rise - 15.25" Thigh - 12.5" knee - 9.5" Hem - 8.75"
  2. TCB

    The way those fit you I'd get a size down on the 50s. The fabric is very stretchy and you will want it to be tighter with the higher rise and wider thigh. Thanks! I still have those jeans. The last of my lvc. Saving them in case I ever pack on the pounds. I really dont know who is in the right with the taper. Lvc seems to change stuff too. Also forgot that both pairs are nominal 34 but I think the lvc were 2" oversized. Edit: I guess what's right is that I like the tcb cut better.
  3. TCB

    I feel like the 50s TCB and the LVC 1955 are very similar. the pairs i have a size 34 TCB and 34 LVC 55 - the 55s are bigger in the hip area and the leg opening is more narrow than the tcb. I think the TCB 50s look like 50s 501s and I think the silhouette looks right. That being said I've never worn 50s levis and have never seen any in person. I'd like to hear what @PaulT thinks about the LVC vs TCB 50s cuts I've worn the 60s a lot this past week. they're cool. my favorite is still the 50s though.
  4. TCB

    thanks smarticus.
  5. TCB

    Haha woah. @oomslokop has me right here. We all know various companies including tcb (especially LVC) like to monkey with things to fit a particular narrative, agenda, body type etc. a rise this low just doesn't really strike me as 501 esque. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  6. TCB

    is this change in rise something that is overstated in reproductions? These babies are sportin' a 10" rise.
  7. TCB

    got the 60s today. they're indeed snug. the biggest difference is the rise. gonna take some getting used to. really cool pants though, it'll be nice to try something different.
  8. TCB

    cool. thanks for the reply. I figured it made sense to get the same size.
  9. TCB

    just impulse bought some preowned 60's. everyone usually wear the same size as their 50s?
  10. TCB

    I think shipping was around 30$ last time I did it.
  11. TCB

    i have a 32 SC 1947 and a 32 TCB 50 - the waist band on the 1947 is super tight. If you wear a 33 in the sugar canes I'd say you can definately do a 32 in the 50s.
  12. White's uses a brannock device to measure in their store. although they use it with you sitting down and the device propped up on an incline. They prop it up on something like this. then they take circumference measurements at the ball instep and ankle - then as high up as the boots. I would do as kyle says and send in the tracings done by your wife via mail.
  13. nice. they look great and look like they fit great too.
  14. I think they look pretty similar from the side. I can't tell if that pair is a SD last or if its SJ. I think both look good and if you've already made you're order you should feel fine. Either last is a good decision. These are my farmer ranchers - SJ last (4811)