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  1. TCB

    i have a 32 SC 1947 and a 32 TCB 50 - the waist band on the 1947 is super tight. If you wear a 33 in the sugar canes I'd say you can definately do a 32 in the 50s.
  2. White's uses a brannock device to measure in their store. although they use it with you sitting down and the device propped up on an incline. They prop it up on something like this. then they take circumference measurements at the ball instep and ankle - then as high up as the boots. I would do as kyle says and send in the tracings done by your wife via mail.
  3. nice. they look great and look like they fit great too.
  4. I think they look pretty similar from the side. I can't tell if that pair is a SD last or if its SJ. I think both look good and if you've already made you're order you should feel fine. Either last is a good decision. These are my farmer ranchers - SJ last (4811)
  5. TCB

    I just realized my new pair of TCB 50s doesn't have the chainstitch run-off. Was the chainstitch run off a special detail for the contest jeans? just curious. edit: I'm referring to the waistband area.
  6. small shoes?
  7. TCB

    yeah, I guess I can see what you're saying - heres me in my new TCB 60s. No turn up on 60s jeans.
  8. TCB

    thank you. yes they're 50s. The rise is perfect for me, very comfortable. These are definitely my favorite fitting jeans.
  9. TCB

    Got them hemmed on thursday. I'm always a little hesitant with the hemming. These have been hotwashed once, so I'm hoping for a touch more of shrinkage in subsequent washes. They look a little sloppy with anything but the pecos boots. edit - jacket is a 71 Lee 101j I got in nearly deadstock condition from a goodwill. best day at a thrift store ever.
  10. TCB

    they were the LVC ones provided with the 1937s *just to clarify - I'm not advocating anyone use any different type of buttons. I'm just trying to say that in my experience suspender buttons weren't uncomfortable while wearing a belt and those who are concerned may not need to request a pair without them.
  11. TCB

    When I added the snap on suspender buttons to my 1937s I was quite surprised by how little they interfered with wearing a belt. Something to consider for the 20s TCBs.
  12. TCB

    This question can only be answered by answering this question : how much attention do you want to bring to yourself and your expensive trouser hobbies that few understand? Everytime I wore suspenders w my 1915 LVC the "nice suspenders" comments were too much for me. Perhaps I'm weak. Withou the braces cinch backs can fly under the radar - with braces you're letting your freaky cinch back flag fly.
  13. TCB

    yeah!! glad it worked out.
  14. I'll second the height talk. 8" is nice, but when contrasted with my semi dress boots - the lower height is way better for walking around town and is more comfortable in general. And I've thought more than once about having them cut down to 6" ( you should ask whites about this aho ) 8" farmer ranchers are brown smooth - it's comfortable but seriously heavy duty.