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  1. Salad

    Leepro Appreciation

    Yeah, there's almost too many. I don't know enough about how the cut has changed over time or what to look for in terms of country of manufacture. Some of them look like the arms are cut wide and on some, the body seems long. I also don't want hand warmer pockets and most of the ones in my size seem to have them. Sizing seems all over the place too. I'm watching one that's listed as a 42R but measurements suggest it's closer to a 38 which is what I would need but I really don't like buying vintage online. Too many surprises. I figure if I can find a new repro of the original cut at a place that I can do an exchange or return, I'd be better off. I might roll the dice on a vintage one, though.
  2. Salad

    Leepro Appreciation

    Anyone know where to find a Rider jacket? There is one on Lee's US site but thread color is looks wrong. Also looking for a cowboy version jacket like a type 1. I see that Lee Japan archives has a rider but I don't think they ship to the US.
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