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  1. snchz

    Tender Co. Denim

    Here wearing the new 130 denim molleton jeans...
  2. snchz

    Tender Co. Denim

    Janus jacket unfinished cotton molleton iron rust dyed And a close up of the copper buttons:
  3. snchz

    Muller and Bros.

    New Harbor bag and border tee: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/muller-bros
  4. snchz

    Tanuki Japan

    Zetto Draft Tapered jeans: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/tanuki/products/tanuki-zdt-zetto-draft-tapered-jeans
  5. snchz

    The Strike Gold

  6. snchz

    UES Denim

    If someone is looking for a new pair for the UES Denim Marathon, we have a special discount on the 400ST: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/ues-denim/products/ues-400st-slim-tapered-jeans
  7. snchz

    Trophy Clothing

    Brat Style jeans fit and details pics: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/trophy-clothing/products/trophy-clothing-x-brat-style-slim-narrow-jeans
  8. snchz

    Studio D'artisan

    Its high tension weaved but not extremely high. Its thick and very durable. Its breathability is normal but probably is not the best tee to wear at 40c degrees
  9. snchz

    Studio D'artisan

    Expect no shrinkage wahing it with cold water. They are slim fitted and short in length. I have the fox tee roadrunner in M size. I always wear M size in almost all brands and the FOX M fits me perfect but is really fitted. If you want a more relaxed fit I would go for the XL.
  10. snchz

    UES Denim

    During this month I have been wearing new stuff from UES almost everyday. brown and grey duck shorts, indigo and grey polos and the new band collar shirt. https://redcastheritage.com/collections/ues-denim
  11. snchz

    Studio D'artisan

    SDA 40th anniversary gent jeans and SDA Suvin Gold Tee. In love with the new SDA tapered fit. https://redcastheritage.com/collections/studio-d-artisan/products/studio-d-artisan-sp-031-40th-anniversary-gent-kase-dye-natural-indigo-tapered-jeans
  12. snchz

    Tender Co. Denim

    SS19 Boomerang Jacket Prussian Blue fit pics: We have very limited pieces in stock: https://redcastheritage.com/products/tender-boomerang-prussian-blue-dye-jacket
  13. snchz

    Studio D'artisan

    Aloha shirt. Made of 100% ramie (a super-luxury natural material) and inspired by Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga, the oldest work of comic that was painted around twelfth century or thirteenth century by unknown painters belonging to the Kozan temple in Kyoto. It is Indigo Nassen Dyed. https://redcastheritage.com/collections/studio-d-artisan
  14. snchz

    Tender Co. Denim

    Tender AW18 stuff on sale at Redcast Heritage: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/sale And new SS19 stuff here: https://redcastheritage.com/collections/tender-co
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