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  1. very nice! forgot about the sda order he fulfilled, should've asked him some questions about it... oh well. and will do on the finished product. he estimated about 3 months so it will be some time. i should bump the old miz thread on that occasion...
  2. Hi all, first post in a long while. does anybody remember doublevolante? I had the chance to visit Okinawa yesterday and finally got around to ordering a pair. Had some small talk with K-san and he says that WH is probably the most popular domestic brand in the raw denim game at the moment, pbj the most popular internationally (FYI this is based on his talks with clients and not based on actual numbers)
  3. stopped by SENY for the first time in a long time the other day, thanks for the help. friend wasn't convinced by any of the fits he tried (3sixteen, iron heart, imperial) but ended up going with the f310s. think it was a bridge for him to gap to spend that kind of money on denim for the first time rather than being comfortable with the pair/fit, but i have no doubt he'll be happy with em over his rag and bones.
  4. I actually live in North Jersey, I happened to stop by Okinawa for vacation last summer where I got to meet kuniyoshi-san and check out his workshop. I was going to order a pair, but I couldn't figure out a way to make a payment (didn't have enough cash on me in person, /lifebeat) without a middleman and before I knew it I was getting swamped with work/life... I had a friend who is working in Okinawa about 15 minutes away from the DV workshop. I'm sure he is taking local orders. Why don't you ask your friend to find out for you? My hunch is that the main obstacle with online orders is 1) payment, and 2) his lack of computer/internet skills to take on more orders.
  5. I'm not sure. He mentioned to me he's currently doing work for SDA, and that much is reflected on his blog. He does still actively take orders from said reputable brands. Haha, I don't know. It may be his polite way of saying thank you but no thank you... but on a real note, you can imagine the trouble of him fulfilling an online order as opposed to a local / nation-wide order over the phone etc.
  6. Hey man, I was able to get a hold of Kuniyoshi-san today. He is very busy, taking on massive orders from reputable brands abroad Japan. unfortunately, he is too swamped at this time to take additional online orders. while he would love to take on more work, he feels it would be inappropriate as the turn-around time at this point would take way too long. I'll let you guys know if his situation changes. I'm sad because I wanted to fulfil an old order myself, but I am glad his business is taking off.
  7. sorry guys, not as active as I would like to be anymore... I will shoot him an e-mail. I actually got to meet him in Fall 2011, and I think what was keeping him from taking orders was from a lack of an intermediary contact. (formerly miz) will keep you guys posted.
  8. Wasn't aware there were people still interested in his work... I can get a hold of him if you guys would like, helps being bilingual.
  9. aj, I'm an owner of your first release duffle coat in smoke grey... it has been battle tested for the past few seasons. However, over the seasons I've lost the hoodie, snapped the button, and the inner mesh is ripping out. As 3sixteen is not selling a duffle coat at the moment and I would really not want to opt toward another line's duffle coat, is there any chance I could get my current version repaired by you guys? thank you,
  10. hey charlie, is this still happening? i would love to find out more about the TOJ line, and get measured. been eyeing your shirt as a starting piece for a bit now. my style is nothing to write home about but maybe we can discuss the glorious topic of meatheads/beefcaking/etc etc.
  11. Was a very good sale. Totally missed out on the duffel though. I should've flipped my boss the bird and taken my lunch break super early... :'-( Did manage to pick up a black gingham and a slim cut (ST) in a 16oz fabric. andrew, if you are reading this, could you provide more details on the denim? Would most appreciate it Lastly, very generous of the Coffee Foundry. Will definitely be stopping by sometime so I can give a run at a hot mug. Was hard to gauge the taste at a lukewarm temperature. (i drink coffee black 9/10 times, but never at a warm temperature)
  12. Hey guys, what's going on. I recently had the opportunity to visit K-san while on vacation in Okinawa. Was a great experience to tour his shop, talk all things denim/soccer related (Ksan is a big soccer fan). He is doing great! EDIT: Also, I'm not sure if he still had the LHT denim but he currently has an 13oz organic selvedge denim as a choice as well.
  13. Hello kiya, Does seny have the fh red houndstooth in stock?
  14. nice fit, kit.
  15. SF! I need help with an impending decision. Redwing Iron Rangers (Black) as seen on or Redwing Cork Sole Engineer Boots (Black or Muleskin) HALP!!!