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  1. Grizzly Boots for sale. Size US8. $600 shipped worldwide 102 Denim Jacket. Sz 1. Used less than 10x. $250 shipped worldwide
  2. Simon - probably too eager to please back then. I think it's much better now. Sorry we couldn't meet up this time around! Next time for sure
  3. Some snaps of my recent trip to China and Hong Kong. Also a reminder of a failed TCB contest Hong Kong meetup with Ed and Simon (Sugar Mountain). We just couldn't match up our schedules. The smog was really bad in Guangzhou. This photo was taken at 630am. Long day of walking around the Canton Fair The reason why we were in Hong Kong. It was The Armoury's 4th year anniversary and re-opening of the second store. We work with them for the tailoring stuff here in Manila. Funny name. 90s hip-hop soundtrack. Great food! Check out the tiles. Those are real mahjong tiles!
  4. Took a day trip to the southern part of the Philippines to check on something we're working on. It's about a two hour flight going there. I love early morning light! Not the same terminal but the Manila airport has constantly been voted the worst in the world. This terminal is exclusively used for passengers of our flagship carrier, Philippine Airlines. Although construction has been going on in the other terminals to improve the facilities.
  5. Trying to decide what coffee and which cake to get. Tough decision Saturdays.
  6. Meeting at our temporary store earlier. Ed obviously enjoyed the food in Osaka a little bit too much.
  7. Here's Ed with one of the jeans just before packing it
  8. Hello, I just wanted to share some photos while waiting for your packages to arrive. Waist a bit tight so looks like I'm going with a cold soak initially. My favorite detail! Red tab Pardon the shiny floors
  9. Yeah, if it was USD, would definitely deserve a neg.
  10. ^ Seller says it's in SGD so if it's in SGD then the Grizzly would be about 800 USD? It's actually very confusing to price it at SGD, might as well convert it to USD
  11. Thanks Playahater! Anybody know what's the boot in the last pic?
  12. Local version of the Cronut hype
  13. Does anybody if there will be a Cochise or Grizzly boots for FW13?