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    I've ended up with a few pieces of clothing by Orslow, so decided to start an Orslow thread There was a really good article about Orslow on the Beams website, but it seems to be missing now. But there is an Interesting little interview with the founder, Ichiro Nakatsu: http://www.tenuedenimes.com/724-introducing-ichiro-founder-at-orslow-japan A new store opened in my area of work, and I saw they carried Orslow, so I decided I would check out the 107 Ivy Fit jeans. The jeans are one wash, in a mid-rise slim fit with slight taper from the knee. The denim is 13.5oz white selvedge, bit neppy, and is supposed to be based around the original Levi's 505 denim. As soon as I tried them on, I knew I would be buying them. They felt lovely, and also lighter than I expected. To me, they basically felt like the perfect summer jeans (which is ironic since Summer has just ended here). My waist is 32" but I am wearing size 2, which is supposed to be for 30" waist, so not sure how the hell that's worked out.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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