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  1. it's blatant discrimination in the workplace
  2. For me it depends on the feel really. If the jeans are sanforized or feel grubby then I will give them a soak.
  3. My 546zr after 1st wash after 3 months effective wear. Rest of jeans has subtle fading.
  4. haha yes i am, and i have come to the conclusion that you are the devil lance
  5. ah no worries man. It was your posts on the jeans that got me interested in the first place, otherwise i was just going to pass these over. Hi Kukupoint, would you be able to share the measurements here as well please
  6. I tried searching a while ago about the D1728, but only found couple old threads on reddit, and those were made in january before the jeans release. Nothing to do with measurements. I like to think my google-fu is decent, but i couldnt find anything else. I prefer tapered, but can also work with a tight straight fit. I was quite keen on these, but i'm now into wearing my rjb pair and just bought an iron heart pair. I could buy a pair and save it for the future like a collector
  7. well you never know. Channels on youtube started stating what is promotional content or what is sponsored. Maybe if there is enough pressure, same thing will start happening on instagram
  8. I think you misread what he said. He can stand in the jacket but it's just maintaining the shape as if he were sitting. I personally don't see a problem with it, it looks good and would likely happen anyway at some point
  9. I believe an intervention is in order
  10. Just ask Giles over on Iron Heart. From what i've seen, If there's stuff still in stock over at IH Japan base and you are a customer, he will often specially order something on your behalf
  11. except that Iron Heart have an official international branch (in addition to their numerous international retailers)
  12. Those are super nice! Been thinking of getting trickers boots in that colour. I think they are releasing a winter stow boot with shearling lining in that colour. Will look to get that
  13. The way I see forums is like an online community. It takes more time and effort to log onto a forum, read posts, make posts, upload pics, edit pics on phone or computer beforehand, etc. You end up with people who are as enthusiastic (if not more) about the topic(s) of the forum. Social media platforms these days are all about quick information, they don't really build a community like a forum can do. I think forums as a whole are lot less popular these days. As such, I have no problem with people posting about other interests/things in their lives, it just adds to the community. Obviously threads should be kept on topic, but in threads like this, it's totally fine in my book.
  14. just eat ramen for the rest of the year. Your clothing budget can then expand