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  1. size 9 UK, but i have heard I need to size down to UK 8.5 on these (UK 8.5 is equivalent to US 9.5 or Japan 27.5) I could buy from rakuten direct, but customs fees are killer
  2. The Lone Wolf Carpenter boot caught my eye, but they cost £500 at togged in UK! At historypreservation in US, they only cost $480 (£380), which strangely is about the same price as on rakuten. Anyway i'm not gonna pay for such a big mark up, so i'll put them on the list for whenever i go to Japan.
  3. Even better fit than the last one!
  4. Couple weeks ago I had a look at a pair of dubbleworks 332. I thought the denim was very nice, soft and hairy. Warehouse as a whole seem to always have lovely denim. One day I will own a pair of warehouse.
  5. Yea I agree and would prefer on back also, but can't please everyone. The black tee with red print looks awesome
  6. damn those pocket bags look good, and the denim too of course (that goes without saying)
  7. Does the t-shirt have anything on the back?
  8. It's 32 degrees celsius in London and I had to give up trying to wear jeans, but not denim. Denim shorts it is instead
  9. contests are always interesting. Have to say that the patch design looks horrible
  10. Nice writeup. I would not pay full price for anonymous ism or chup socks. UK for last few years has had lot of sock makers pop up, but the fashion seems to be more office style with stuff like argyle patterns, which I hate the look of. I wish there was a UK company that makes socks with patterns near the level of anonymous ism and chup. @Cucoo Might have to try out merino wool socks if they dont make feet sweaty
  11. Shame you can't find a fit that would work for you. At first I wasn't impressed with my copper label pair (apart from the fantastic detailing and the shade of indigo), but after it's first machine wash, the denim lost its crispness and softened up nicely, and i've grown to like the fit. I've started wearing them again.
  12. 1st colour session on my Benkei thigh piece. Will be finished off next month. Done by Arran Burton.
  13. Thanks! stovepipe comment made me laugh and yea when i was doing the buttons, the rounded button backs were a fun discovery. Not so sure on the lemon colour coated buttons to stop rusting, but that's the only minor gripe.
  14. Lately i've developed a liking for soft 'vintagey' feel denim and also wearing straighter cuts with trainers in warmer weather. Thus I have been thinking about getting the 1951s for a few months now to wear in the summer, but decided against due to price and not being completely sure on the fit. Anyway saw this hardly worn pair on the IH forum for £100, so couldn't resist. The waist measurement was about 1-2cm off in my opinion, but it's nothing a belt wouldn't solve so it's fine. Need to re-hem them also.
  15. TCB

    I told myself not to, but this place tempted me, and I went to check out TCB 60s. Lovely blue hue on the denim. I tried on size 32, which was too big everywhere, and size 30 was snug in waist but otherwise good fit. For some reason I thought TCB denim was all one washed, so at the time I didn't ask if that was the case. I float around the 32 inch waist mark, so for me to fit in tag size 30, I am assuming I tried on the non-wash version. Would this sound correct? For a waist 32, does anyone know what tag size I should be looking at for the one washed version?