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  1. It would cost them money, which their executives desperately need for their multi-million dollar salaries
  2. Japan Blue Momotaro

    I really like the copper label denim now. At first I thought it was ok, but after the first wash, it became softer and the hairiness really came out. I also grew into liking the G004 fit. It's a real slow fader though, worn mine effectively for around 6 months and it shows about the same amount of fade as other jeans would in half that time. Plus I been wearing them on work trips where i'd be rolling around on floor running cabling and other IT crap.
  3. Tender Co. Denim

    Ah understood. Let's hope some shops get orders in! I'm pretty sure they will as fleece lined denim jackets seem to be in fashion. At least in London, where before the very cold snap, I would see someone wearing one every few minutes. Looking forward to how it turns out!
  4. Tender Co. Denim

    Would this be sold on the whopperjeans site as well?
  5. Tender Co. Denim

    yea that jacket does look nice!
  6. Show us your leather

    @Aries is that nine lives yak leather jacket? That's the way to get your first leather jacket, no fucking around, jump straight in the high quality end. And you rocking it with brown boots, good stuff man!
  7. DWC2 2017 - 2019

    aye, data protection 101
  8. DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    Damn @Megatron1505 you wearing out that crotch hard!
  9. Denime

    thanks bod. I saw that size chart, but just am not sure if i should trust it. Have you got your one yet? If so, did waist measurment match what it says on the size chart on their website?
  10. Junior at Rivet & Hide is the man for chainstitch hems. Look at this clean chainstitch on 25oz iron heart
  11. Denime

    oh denim lord have mercy, I don't need more jeans, but 50% off! Should I go true to size with the 66xx? So if i am around 32 inch waist then go tag size 32?
  12. God speed one looks best by far
  13. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Now that's a good idea!
  14. 3sixteen Jeans

    great customer service from 3sixteen there then