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  1. thanks. I am 5'10 When i bought it and going by measurements I thought it would cover my knees and might be bit too wide, but it's worked out perfectly.
  2. Think I will single cuff them. Double cuffing until selvedge shows makes them bit short and doesn't look too good
  3. Finally got my god damn shorts! I was really worried that they wouldnt be fitted enough, but they are perfect. Can't wait to wear them in the summer. Plus they came with a neat bag. I ordered direct from Evisu japan via a proxy.
  4. Saw these on sale. Once I tried em, game over, I bought em. They are one washed, tight straight fit. Custom branded hardware. Denim feels nice and soft, bit hairy. I'm surprised there's not been much on Omnigod here
  5. I'm gonna get a new wallet, one with a ring and get a wallet leash. Prob going for the Iron Heart steel core plaited black leather leash. As for the wallet, leaning towards the Iron Heart black buttero wallet (not willing to spend the huge money for the chromexcel one). Any companies with comparable (or higher) quality at a lower price? Looking for wallet with usual card slots and note section, but also pouch or pocket for coins
  6. I wish Orslow would put out a slim fitting type 1 or type 2 jacket in their flagship denim. I know the store, Pheb International, did a collab with them for a type 1 jacket, but they kept it a true vintage boxy fit, so it was not for me.
  7. Anyone going to buy this book?
  8. damn shame, looked like he had lot of contribution to this thread. just checked, looks like he blanked out ALL of his posts. unbelievable...he must have really really raged then
  9. Bit odd that hoggreaser edited out all his posts in this thread Anyone know why?
  10. 32 inches (i've now added that into my post wash measurements)
  11. That's one hell of a bargain. I wouldn't normally buy white/off-white jeans but at £32 hell yea
  12. Thanks! I hope yours work out for you too. If it was a worry on tight fit, these definitely feel like they will stretch.
  13. Gave my D1728 a 40 degree celsius machine wash, resulting in the legs shrinking nicely and the denim has softened up real nice. It feels good and I can't say i've come across any other denim that feels like this (yet). Another thing is that these feel instantly comfortable as soon as you wear them. Probably my second favourite denim in terms of feel. I took post-wash measurements. In my haste to wash them, I forgot to take pre-wash measurements. I bought tag size 31. Waist: 32 inches FR: 10.5 inches BR: 13.5 inches Thigh: 11 inches Knee: 7.5 inches leg opening: 6.7 inches These are slim and there is tapering. Halfway between a slim straight and slim tapered fit? I will get these hemmed to take few inches off Now I just need to figure out when i'm gonna put them in rotation. Definitely glad I bought these
  14. they are very interesting indeed
  15. TCB

    Thanks guys. Looking at measurements, the slim 50s prob is best option but that rise of under 10 inches is a no go for me