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  1. Samurai Jeans

    They've arrived at stores. Mine should be with me next week
  2. Orslow

    You can say that about any artisanal brand. Orslow has a certain aesthetic to it. Clothing is mostly all based on classic military and workwear pieces, but with their own slight interpretation of it. Designs are simple, but often simple is the best, and that's their speciality. They don't really have a set fit, it seems to differ from piece to piece. I really like the fit of their ivy fit jeans, but do not like the fit of their button down shirts at all. Also I believe most of their fabrics are custom made, including their signature denim, which I am a big fan of.
  3. Warehouse

    I feel that reaction gif could get more rep than the actual post
  4. Orslow

    Pheb International They stock a lot of Orslow and also do collabs from time to time.
  5. Stevenson Overall Company

    I just collected my 727s from Rivet & Hide sale couple weeks back. It had already been washed by them, which saved me the trouble. I can see why people are such big fans of their denim. The greencast colour looks really good and overall it looks smart & sharp, but then looking close, it's hairy. It feels lot more hairier than it looks. Waist will easily stretch back out. Thigh is bit tighter than I would like but apart from that, I like the fit. Also I think those back pockets and belt loops are the best i've come across yet
  6. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    good plan! I was not impressed with the feel of my pair of momos (copper label) until after i put em through the wash. Then got better after a 2nd wash.
  7. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Sanforized at first can feel 'meh', maybe feel not much different to the mainstream jeans, but gets a lot better after a wash or two.
  8. Pallet Life Story

    thanks for that. Been looking for somewhere that sells their more classic jean
  9. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Only in the 622 cut for now though.
  10. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Every now and then I think about the Joe Mccoys pair of jeans I came across at Pronto last year, the lot 904. Pointless, but I found some more info on it. "Five pocket denim with a cut similar to the 905 regular straight. One of the classic Joe McCoys models. The left hand twill produces a striking denim that will fade very nicely. The orange stitch looks great too. - Left hand twill denim - Orange stitching - Deer skin badge - 14.75 oz denim - Made in Japan. "
  11. Interested to see some pictures too if possible
  12. Warehouse

    Thanks man. From Hinoya measurements, they don't seem to have shrunk much then. If a size 29 is 31 inch waist, then I would need a size 30 I think (as i float around 32 inch waist), but thankfully for my wallet that size is sold out.
  13. The Flat Head

    Getting small irregularities in the denim is the best. Adds character
  14. Warehouse

    You can also use a proxy shipping service
  15. The Flat Head

    Yea just properly soak it, or if Danny at rivetandhide has given you advice, then follow that. It's potentially gonna be a very tight fit for first lot of wears, but the denim will stretch back out in the waist. Also once you soak, you wouldn't be able to return even if it still has tags. Not sure if this is what you were implying.