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  1. Nice! I got the piggy flannel too. you are making me think about the burgundy too now, looks a deep rich colour
  2. @JDelage Yea I couldn't get on the site for a while either
  3. liking the smurf stain
  4. Just found out Trickers himalaya collection is on their store. Been waiting for the navy stow type boot (called Hardie) since I saw sneak previews of it earlier in the year, but it's £495! Also found out they have price hike on all products few months ago, standard boots are now £425! I've become a big Trickers fan, but even I'm not sure about these prices. What do others feel about their pricing now?
  5. Thanks Aries. I've taken a chance with half size down, as that was largest size i could get for the Lone Wolf carpenters I wanted, so hopefully it works out for me
  6. That heavily washed out looking fade is awesome!
  7. thanks Aries. And is the fit good for you or on the looser side? As reading up on alden lasts (as i have no clue on Alden), the consensus seems to be size down half for the trubalance.
  8. Anyone with Lone Wolf boots, do you wear TTS or size down half?
  9. Well it kinda makes sense if they do stop carrying Samurai, as they have been dumping the bigger name Japanese brands.
  10. @mikecch Sorry, forgot to say excellent review! Your reviews are always a good read
  11. Those look pretty good, apart from that sole. Not a fan of that type of sole
  12. Got mine today! So happy to finally get a pair of Ooe The denim is lovely - soft and feels so nice. 'vintagey' was first word to spring to mind. Completely different to any denim I own. Basing them after the Roebucks Riders with the detailing makes for such a distinct and unique pair of jeans. I need to stretch the waist but apart from that, the slim tapered fit is great, slight bit of room to not make it feel tight. Even though I had to really hold my stomach in to get top button done, it doesn't feel uncomfortable. I think it will be stretched out within a day or two to be honest.
  13. Thank you lads for the info! I've just messaged him on facebook
  14. thanks. Who is Jon?