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  1. WTS: 3A-1, Olive, Brand new 10/10 FULL PACK Price: $1500 OBO shipped CON-US
  2. View Advert Prada Re-Nylon and Leather Crossbody Bag Backpack Brand new, never used. Comes with dust-bag. Retails for $2250 + tax Advertiser robbatussin Date 11/06/23 Price 2,000.00 USD Category bags Brand // SUFU ADD THIS BRAND //  
  3. Time Left: 4 months and 25 days

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    Brand new, never used. Comes with dust-bag. Retails for $2250 + tax

    2,000.00 USD

    Los Angeles, California - US

  4. Oh man, this was almost 10 years ago and can’t recall snapping any photos at the time. Red zipper model wasn’t mine; mine mimicked every aspect of the 7TS sans xpac and used cobra buckles instead of the plastic olive quick-release buckles. I remember the inward curvature at the top of shoulder straps would dig into my neck. And the when the backpack was loaded, it would sort of just ‘box-out’ and no longer contour across my back, but rather just sit on my spine (it was a messenger back after all). Just didn’t work well with my frame.
  5. They've been shipping their products internationally for how many years now? They can't assign more favorable tariff codes, or they just don't want to?
  6. I grew so tired of waiting for that silver foil 7TS that I eventually reached out to bagjack years ago to commission a custom 7TS-inspired Skidcat (which is the model the 7TS is built off of). Couldn't spec xpac as it's an acronym exclusive, so had to go with Cordura instead. Aside from excellent build quality, as you would expect from bagjack, the backpack itself was so incredibly uncomfortable. I think I may have only used it a handful of times until my back couldn't bare anymore.
  7. *bump* Julius bag still available - further discounted
  8. In the same camp: tall with a slim waist. Took my P10 to a skilled tailor who tightened the waist and re-did the seat. Was his first time working on acrnm pants and he made sure to tell me how annoying it was to alter them lol
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