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  1. robbatussin


    Hoping for a return of pre-launch videos. I've really missed the excitement they used to generate for releases.
  2. robbatussin


    Has anyone living in the US ordered acr from HBX recently? Product page states import fees to US are included in price. I know they are based in HK so just wanted to see if the claim checks out.
  3. robbatussin


    I believe specialists are assigned based on first letter of your last name. Can someone confirm this to potentially save this poor woman from being bombarded?
  4. robbatussin


    Notre's tone depiction of RAF on the P31 is really jarring when compared to the mothership/elsewhere. Hard to really gauge the Alpha Green-- seems like it may be closer to a green-tinted khaki.
  5. robbatussin


    Harder to navigate around synthetic jackets. I've had to pay 27.7% every time.
  6. robbatussin


    If you classify it as shirt made from man-made materials (polyester), 6205.90.4030 at 2.8% seems like a good candidate.
  7. robbatussin

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J47TS-GT, Large (Tried on once, full pack): $2100
  8. robbatussin


    Is it to much to ask for a J4TS re-issue? Ultimate acronym purist/ninja piece, IMO. Have been waiting for years to see if some of the first-gen TS pieces would ever be updated and re-released, but it has yet to happen. Hopefully some day.
  9. robbatussin


    I'm just now seeing product release photos of the J1-E featuring Errolson floating about the web. Are these leaks? Don't recall them being published via official channels.
  10. robbatussin


    Bottom portion of zipper (pocket) is given more slack to expand like an accordion outward when zipper is opened. When closing, zipper pull stops where it hits the collapsed expansion fold on the bottom. Nice detail, but I personally like more the minimal appearance of the previous flack pocket on the J1A. Also good riddance to the zippers on the gravity pockets.
  11. robbatussin


    So then what do you use for reference? Fit impressions from others who have personally owned and worn the items? Great, because that's what I am providing you here. The J1A has much narrower shoulders as well as a tighter chest block than the J47. Throw an insulator into the mix and you will learn very quickly which silhouette fits roomier. J47TS-GT (FW18)
  12. robbatussin


  13. robbatussin


    I’ve owned both the J1A and J47. Without referring to spec sheets, the J47 definitely has a roomier fit. Was unable to comfortably wear my J58 and J1A together without it being too restricting and ended up parting ways with it (J1A) for this reason.
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