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  1. Naw but your mom did
  2. WTS P13-S, RAF (L) BNWT, Never Worn
  3. Anyone know what the 'H' in P25H-DS alludes to?
  4. FS: J46-WS / Size Large, Never worn
  5. Not sure if you are referring to the Mionn IS vest or jacket, but I wear a medium Mionn IS vest under a large J1A-GT . Depends on your layering strategy, but I opted to have the vest a little more fitted as it provides better heat retention. Gets a little tricky considering the Mionn jacket when sleeve length is a factor; would get a large under those circumstances. Might help to note that I'm tall with a slender build.
  6. The Raccagni zipper assembly on the J50-S has been a nightmare. Right out the bag I experienced constant zipper-mismatching until it finally caught a snag and locked into place; had to devote about 45 minutes to remove the zipperstops to re-position the puller. Will play a huge factor in considering a non-Vislon acrnm jacket henceforth.
  7. Are you going to tell us next how movie tickets used to cost a nickel? We are probably around the same age dude; besides, just because you were alive during the 80s doesn't mean your opinion is that much more valid than say someone who wasn't.
  8. I suggest you do a little research on Spike Lee to learn exactly how he has contributed to sneaker culture. Maybe then you'll consider letting him wear a pair of AP1's however he wants to wear them.
  9. Anyone have recommendations for a good pair of winter boots that perform well in snow but also hold up to the acr aesthetic?
  10. wtb: P23TS-S/CH in black (sz. large)
  11. Placed an order for my J1A-GT from around two weeks ago to be delivered to the United States and tracking read 'label created, awaiting pickup etc' for a solid week before tracking finally indicated it was in transit. Order was valued at over 1000 euros, but didn't spend more than 12 hours total going through German and US customs inspections.
  12. Ordered my J1A-GT two weeks ago when all sizes were available -- stock on acrnm seems to be dwindling now. Looks like the new video did its job.
  13. But there is a disclaimer with every purchase:
  14. Anyone have a lead on where/how to get a hold of the 3" tec sys molle webbing panels used on 3rd-arm bags?
  15. Hoping to get some sizing help on a J1A. I'm 6'4' and on the slender side. Checked the dims on acrnm but some of the figures seem off when compared to a few of my other jackets. Leaning towards a L, but wanted to check with the community and see what you guys think. Thanks fellas.