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  1. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS SISP _ Nyco Cotton Nylon Garment Dyed L/S Shirt - Black BNWT / Size XL - $390 shipped within US
  2. Acronym.

    You could ask @deathrazr -- both of his listings (1 / 2) were only "taken out of the bag to try on."
  3. Acronym.

    I don't agree with this. Knock-offs/counterfeits don't only exist because there isn't enough of the product to go around, they exist because they also cater to consumers who are willing to sacrifice quality/authenticity for lower price points that they deem are reasonable for the product. Gucci and LV retail stores are fully-stocked with their handbags at all times -- so why are there counterfeits? Truth is plenty of 3A-3TS bags were released last week, they were just purchased by the wrong people. Take a look on grailed.
  4. Acronym.

  5. Acronym.

    I blame Tec Sys and their 300m minimum order quantity for all this.

    Harvested from flecktarn pouches via ebay is more likely.
  7. Acronym.

    You will most likely get a customs invoice in the mail within a few weeks.
  8. Acronym.

    I've got a carrier unlocked 6s. With the case attached and Airpods connected, audio cuts out as soon as the phone moves away from my chest and/or enters my front pocket. Repeating the routine with the case off fixes the issue. It could also just be an issue specific to the 6s design; the profile of the case mimics the antenna placement on the 6s. Maybe this is disrupting the signal? I really don't know, maybe someone with more knowledge on the topic could provide input.
  9. Acronym.

    No difference other than the weave being black (at least none that I can see/feel).
  10. Acronym.

    Highly abrasive resistant fabric. Technically speaking, it should be the exterior of the bag.
  11. Acronym.

    Dragged a blade repeatedly over some silver xpac laying around to expedite the process for illustration: I really can't imagine arriving to this point unless you are subjecting your bag to some serious abuse. Personally not my slant, but to each their own.
  12. Acronym.

    In case there is any confusion, the foils and the OG are all xpac. The foils are much more vulnerable to fraying once the weave is exposed after peeling, but I have yet to see any after daily use since April. Regarding the OG xpac, in my experience, it would take a substantial amount of abrasion and stress to get it to fray. It's an overall more resilient product against the elements as its purpose is more in line with performance sails/sailing, whereas the foils were developed for slightly different applications, ie. radar-reflective panels on life-rafts, etc.
  13. Acronym.

    Made a small black foil pouch (12cm x 20cm) for my girlfriend back in April and will say that it acquires the patina depicted on the site quickly and easily. Peeling of the clear top-layer laminate follows soon after and that is when patina transitions into degradation, but remains superficial -- the weave beneath maintains its integrity very well. That said, the OG xpac still reigns supreme in my book; my 3A-9TS has seen travel to 8 countries and still looks and functions like the day I bought it. Really hope it makes a comeback.
  14. Acronym.

    Deviating from the 3RD-ARM buzz for a sec to voice my unfortunate dissatisfaction with the Claustrum iPhone cases. Love the look of this thing, but the metal which clads the exterior of the case seriously interferes with cellular signals and makes having a comprehensible phone call nearly impossible on my 6s, even effecting Bluetooth connection with my airpods to the point where audio cuts out and/or is not transmitted entirely. Tried the case on other phones to replicate symptoms to ensure it was not just my phone and it was confirmed. Used it for almost 4 months (taking it on and off) until I couldn't take it anymore. Will be forwarding the aforementioned feedback directly to Claustrum in hopes of conjuring a remedy for later iterations. I would steer clear till then. EDIT: This is a personal testimony based solely on use of the case with the 6/6s models and cannot speak on whether other iPhone models are affected.
  15. Acronym.

    Looked like P17 to me.