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  1. robbatussin


    E demonstrates in an older video:
  2. robbatussin

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS FW1718_ P25H-DS (L) full pack - (9.5/10) - $1000 shipped CON-US FW1617_ J50-S (BLK, L) full pack - 8/10: typical stotz patina, but no tears/rips - $800 shipped CON-US
  3. robbatussin


    Genuine question: Is there no neg-rep limit on sufu that would see to someone being banned?
  4. robbatussin


    J56 is a super intelligent design. Pocket array is really well executed. But yeah, nothing for me in this drop. I die a little at every release that doesn’t include a J4TS.
  5. robbatussin


    That's what I thought. Doesn't help much to reference a sales performance from two years ago as an answer to a current-day question. That being said, I did not recall the S8 going for that amount -- truly wild. By that logic it makes little sense as to why the latest shirt would retail for substantially less, other than perhaps not being made in the EU?
  6. robbatussin


    When were there tank tops?
  7. robbatussin


    If there was any question whether the hysteria surrounding the brand was still alive, the answer came in the form of tshirts selling out at $400 each.
  8. robbatussin


    It sounds like you are using the term 'durability' to describe the rigidity/pliability of the overall material and not the resilience of the foil/glossy side of the material against de-lamination/peeling (as was frequently highlighted here in the past).
  9. robbatussin


    Foil was always just reversed xpac. Durability (or lack of) will be the same.
  10. robbatussin


    Yikes, that 3A-1 multi with canvas-faced xpac is comically bad. Think I'm about ready for this 'multi' phase to pass.
  11. robbatussin


    Yeah, was kind of annoyed when I learned the J28-WS doesn't feature a two-way zipper. Thought it would've been typical by now since every other acr jacket I own has it.
  12. robbatussin


    There was a time when I was maxing out with two laptops (Thinkpad 14", MBP 13") in the (detachable) vertical pockets, a Canon 5D mkII, a single 24-70mm lens, and some misc items. Handle straps are long enough that you can swing the bag to your backside and keep it there, rather than hold it to your side like you would a typical tote. To fix in this position, you can undo one end of the stabilizer strap and loop around the handles and buckle (E demonstrates this in a release video). OR you can lengthen the stabilizer strap in it's 'stationary' location to match the length of the handles, flip the bag on its side and use as a backpack. Of course, not a true replacement for a backpack, but it functions as one when I need it to.
  13. robbatussin


    Naw, 9TS is my favorite acrnm bag I've ever owned. I'd easily re-up if ever released again. Versatility and practicality is unparalleled.
  14. robbatussin


    Had been using the stabilizer strap that came with my 3A-9TS, until I got tired of swapped and just made my own. Kinda dumb it’s not included with every bag at this point.
  15. robbatussin


    Hoping for a return of pre-launch videos. I've really missed the excitement they used to generate for releases.
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