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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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If you follow the science, you’ll understand that it is a simple transfer, barely detectable (unless you stay up very late at night) from fatter people who are starting to look slimmer to slimmer people who are starting to look fatter. It’s that fundamental. Don’t get too concerned with meteorological phenomena and suchlike.

EDIT: as any student of physics will be aware, just like energy, weight is never lost, it is only transferred.

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Good for you on a personal note ooms, although if you read my earlier posts on the matter, you’ll realise it’s ultimately a selfish move as you are causing others to put on on the weight you’ve lost.

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5 hours ago, the shivman said:

Thanks guys. I agree, wabash is great stuff. Duke you have a great wabash collection, so I'd be all for seeing more of it.

Thanks buddy - I’ll get around to posting some in the FW thread at some point (most of the shirts are already there) but I’m not starting something that could end up as a FW offshoot 

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On 5/8/2020 at 10:47 PM, unders said:

Chambray posted with trepidation given quality chat elsewhere. My excuse - it’s a 60s repro (spy orange tab) by which time (I’ve learnt) rules were out the window. 

LVC / LVC / Sugar Cane / celebratory VE Day cider


that you cheap?

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7 hours ago, indigoslaves said:

Alpharikk, are you wearing the sugarcane pullover shirt there?looking good mate

Yup, you're right mate. It's open front jumper from 1900's repro by Sugarcane.

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