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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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Here's my budget (cheap) stuff:

Russell Athletic

Bravestar (I don't really like these, but I already have them and I'm stubborn, so I'm going to wear them)



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I love the material on them I have a WH ringer t in the same material. When I tried the Baseballt on the sleeves felt a bit weird so didn't get it in the end.  @Double 0 Soul had my eye on that ELMC for a couple years now, maybe it's time to actually buy it. 

I also have this TMC one @unders from SOAS  that's worth a look and fits better in the sleeve  https://www.sonofastag.com/collections/toys-mccoy/products/toys-mccoy-tmc1631-baseball-tee-ivory


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@Geeman @Double 0 Soul @Kit Carruthers

Thanks for the recommendations and input chaps. The close-up of the WH material may have swung it for me. 

I see what you’re saying on the sleeve @Geeman. I can imagine when it’s put on fresh they might look a bit flappy, but seeing how it creases to Kit’s arms and looks a tad slouchy works for me. 

Interested in seeing Soul’s vintage ones at some point :ph34r:

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@Collin cheers mate!

@unders last word on the WH tees: the curved hems can make them a bit odd to size. The one pictured is a large, and as you say, fits nice and slouchy. My grey one is a medium, and fits much more snugly (no flappy arms), but after a couple of washes it's borderline too short at the raised bits at the sides. Only really wear it with very high-rise trousers these days. 

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2 hours ago, Frost said:

Happy weekend everyone. Stay strong! IMG_20200515_065604_279.thumb.jpg.6455d0e9514c549a6ca41d7be87b3a62.jpg

Cav Empt / Kapital / Kapital / Converse

No denim! It's OT! Haha. I wouldn't wear it but I love the look

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Exercising my Gov't approved daily hours of going outside to judge people who walk to close and cant single file on a pavement 


Toys McCoy's 



Action man hands


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