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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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1 hour ago, Kit Carruthers said:

About to host a press conference from the rose garden on the controversial topic of white socks and paraboots (sorry @Maynard Friedman)


Klaxon Howl

No problem Kit, as I’m trying to look at life through rose-tinted spectacles right now, those socks look distinctly pink to me!

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5 hours ago, Duodequinquagesimus said:

Lads, sorry for offtopicing but would anyone recommend me a good brand polo shirt?

I saw HH look cool but don’t know if “everyone” is wearing them. I don’t want the Fred Perry or Lacoste or RL type of brand

Comme Des Garçons Play make a good quality polo shirt (aside from the logo) they keep their shape well with washing. I had a black with a stealthy black small heart logo.

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Some of you may remember that when I started posting in this thread I had lost weight and had a number of pairs that would be getting their first wears as a result. The ultimate goal of all that was to eventually fit into a pair of Iron Hearts that I've had sitting around for years. As of today, I have that pair on and am starting to break them. This means that I have now lost enough weight to fit into every pair I have bought since I started wearing raw/selvedge denim (and had to put some lesser pairs on the shelf for being too big), and that is a big milestone for me. Unfortunately it has gotten warm here which is limiting my jeans wearing, but now I'm switching over to "wear them until worn out" mode. So:


Iron Heart 888-NT (which I got through the IH preorder in 2017 I guess)



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52 minutes ago, Kit Carruthers said:

@volvo240thebest How'd you find the sizing on those excelsiors? Want to pick up a pair myself.

they fit about 1/2 size bigger than Chucks
I wear a 44 in Chucks and got a 44 in these too. I am fine with them a bit bigger, so no big deal anyway.

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