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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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3 hours ago, unders said:

Coat is amazing@Sympathy-For-The-Denim

What material is it? Alpaca?


edit: alpaca wool I mean. 

thank you, indeed, its very thickish woven alpaca pile.

invertere exported many of those coats to the states back in the seventies, where saks of 5th or paul stuart sold them under their own label

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1 hour ago, Sympathy-For-The-Denim said:

haha, fine work duke! you are a photoshop crack! or how did you do that?

Yeah just messing about with Affinity 

1 hour ago, Double 0 Soul said:

It's just missing a little £2.99 'Our Price' sticker in the corner

Your wish has been translated somewhat as my command

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6 hours ago, persco_ said:

I like Affinity. When I ditched Adobe for Capture One, I switched to Affinity from Photoshop. I was surprised how great it is.

I ditched Adobe because of the subscription nonsense. I got the whole Affinity suite for a one-time pay-to-own cheaper than Adobe were charging for an annual subscription of Ps + Lr  and I haven’t found anything of note that I’m losing out on (plus Affinity iOS is miles better than the crap Adobe are hawking around).

Capture One has a lovely interface (the best perhaps) but I have Panasonic/Leica and I find their support is weak (and I think they’re a little bit pricey like Adobe), so went for DXO at a good discount - their lens support is unmatched IMO.

Edited by Duke Mantee
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8 hours ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

that's it for this year folks: have a good evening...

ending on a militarised note...

m-1951 liner / swedish army denim shirt-jacket / nigel cabourn artic pants / rw-2268


Leon much?


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