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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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2 hours ago, Broark said:

I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. :ph34r:

well done! I've missed out this year. I am away for work and was busy enough all day with real life to totally neglect about my e-life :D:D:D
Ranch blouse looks terrific!

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7 hours ago, Broark said:

Happy New Year everyone!
Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse.
Warehouse hoody.
Ooe Yofukuten cinch OA01's.
John Lofgren Combat Boots.
Two Ears Brand bandana.

Those boots looks like redwings 

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9 hours ago, Broark said:

Not sure I catch what you’re saying Geeman. :huh:

Because in my newborn sleep deprivation state I didn't notice you had actually put it in 2020 and not posted in the 2019 thread!:D

As you were guys. 

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@mpukas- I like it a lot - no buyer's remorse whatsoever. It's roughly equivalent to some of the top of the line modernized N-1 with alpaca (e.g., Iron Heart), with a twist, and is clearly "better" than my Freewheeler N-1 (which has no pocket other than the huge handwarmers). The only things I would have liked different are (1) a collar a tad bigger and (2) 2-way zipper. It was somewhat stiff at first, but everything is getting easier now.

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23 minutes ago, lance said:

What is your overall opinion of the Earth jeans (wooden buttons and all), JDelange? Looks like a a nice cut., not too slim, not too tapered.

So far I like them very much. They have a very deep, solid navy color with very little weft showing, so they're different from the other indigo denim I have. I expect they will fade slowly and uniformly. I had to learn a slightly different way to button them as the sown in wood buttons are a lot less stiff than the riveted metal buttons. It took me a couple days to loosen the buttonholes enough to button easily. They have a bit of a hip flare and I think they will work best on people who are not too skinny. Also, they size slightly bigger than the other SDA. I'm normally a size 36 in SDA jeans and in those pants a size 35 would have been ideal, had it existed.

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Show Goto from White Kloud Boots came to LA on vacation in early December and we were able to set up a fitting for people at Railcar Fine Goods in Monrovia. It was a great event and he was busy with fittings all day. I also included one of the pictures I took of him when I took him to Huntington Beach. He's a great guy and I am glad to call him a friend now along with being my favorite boot maker. 


I'm wearing Freewheelers, The Real McCoys, PTC, Railcar, and of course White Kloud


I don't know what his kit is aside from the hat which is Dappers and the shoes which he obviously made for himself.


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On 1/2/2020 at 4:36 PM, MJF9 said:

All the best to all for 2020 and beyond!

CSF / Smedley / Tender belt / Canes / Viberg / Diefenthal

2020-01-02 15.30.11.png

Killer boots !!  ?What is this brand and model ? thanks!

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